Meet the Faris'

“Levana Nyx Faris. What in god’s name were you thinking staying out this late!” My mother yelled at me a pained expression on her face. “You didn’t call or warn us or anything! We thought you were kidnapped! And we just couldn’t call the police yet because you hadn’t been missing for 24 hours.”

“Sorry mum,” I muttered.

“And just what were you doing out until this time of night?” My father questioned looking at me disapprovingly. “Your mother and I were extremely worried.”

Well there’s a shocker for you 

I wasn’t going to be let off easy and I could only think of one way out and so I broke down and began to weep. While my parents were extremely over protective, I have learned that it may not be such a bad thing for once I start crying, it’s all over. They forget what they were mad at me for and I am in the free and clear.

“I was locked in the library,” I began, weaving my words between sobs. “I was studying and fell asleep and the next thing I knew I was locked in the library all alone in the darkness. I was going to call you but my cell phone had died. Oh! I was so scared!”

My parents, overtaken by the mock tears that were spilling down my face immediately forgot about being mad at me. 

“We’re sorry sweetie, we hadn’t realized what had happened,” My mother spluttered.

“You can only imagine that the we thought the worst had happened,” My father defended his worry.

“It’s okay mommy,” I looked at mom and then my dad with a sad expression, “Daddy. I understand. You were as scared as I was.”

Just as I was about to wipe the final drop of water from my face, there was a loud crash coming from the direction of my room. I stood there a second, a bit star struck as my parents eyes grew really big.

“Honey,” my mother nervously said to my father. “I think you should get the bat.”

Well I couldn’t have them running off to my room to see two strange men there and so I did what I was best at. Before my father could leave I leapt on him, squeezing him around the waist whimpering, “You can’t leave me! I need you both here otherwise I don’t know what I might start thinking.”

“Oh sweetie!” my mother cried out, crushing me with a hug. 

When I get my hands on those two demons, they are so dead.  



I winced as the lamp slipped from my fingers and shattered on the floor of my master's room. 

"Damn it, be careful!" Zalmon hissed at me under his breath. "Remember that whole 'get in without a sound' and 'don't break anything' thing our master mentioned?" He snarled sarcastically as he climbed through the window we had forced open. I was already in the room, and was looking around at our new surroundings with distaste. 

"'Our master' is she now? That sounds a little bit too... formal for my tastes. How about we call her 'human mud-wallower' or 'female meat puppet'? Or do you like 'flesh-bag' better?" I snapped back, without looking at him. My attention was currently caught by the visually offensive pink glare of her room. Though Levana or whatever her name was had to be in her lat teens, her bed chambers looked as if they belonged to a six year old. The walls were creamy white and trimmed with pink molding on the edges. The carpet was pink too-- and about a foot thick. I sank up to my ankles in the faux fur with very step. Her bed frame was painted white with little hearts carved into the woodwork, and I spied a matching dresser and desk stuck into corners as well. The bedding itself matched the carpet, and was covered in countless little furry throw pillows. Frilly net curtains hung over the windows-- except the one Zalmon and I had entered through. Those particular curtains were laying in a sad, torn heap on the floor, where I had left them after attempting to disentangle myself from them upon my entrance. 

"Are we in the right room?" Zalmon asked, wrinkling his nose in displeasure as he came up beside me. 

"Yeah. She didn't seem like this sort of person." I responded absently, moving to observe the photographs on the shelf beside the bed. 

"Judging from the racket coming from the room beyond, I'd guess her parents are a bit... smothering. Perhaps she hasn't a choice." Zalmon said. 

"Perhaps." I agreed without really listening. I gently pulled one of the pictures down and stared at it. A younger version of Levana was standing with three people; An older man with thinning hair, a tense, nervous looking older woman, and a boy who looked only a few years older than Levana, smiling at the camera with one arm draped around the girl and the other frozen mid wave. He looked like her, and I guessed he was a brother, while the older couple were her parents. I wondered where the boy was now. 

"Dusyanta-" Zalmon suddenly hissed. I froze, listening hard. Footsteps were coming towards to door. 

"Hide!" I whispered. 

"Where?" Zalmon shot back under his breath. I glanced around frantically. 

"In the closet! Quick!" We crossed the room in three hasty steps and pulled open the closet door. There was barley enough room inside for the few clothes that were hanging up, let alone two full grown men-- but we didn't have time to worry about elbow room. Zalmon and I squeezed in, and pulled the door shut just as we heard the door knob turn. 

We held our breath.


“Pudding-cake. I think it’s about time that you get to bed. You’ve had a long night after all,” My mother cooed as she stroked my hair.

“And I think that we can skip the room inspection tonight as well,” My father said gruffly from the shadows. He knew well enough to give my mother some space when she was this way though I must say that he wasn’t too far off.

I sniffed a few times and whimpered, “Okay. If you insist.”

“Good,” my mother said, stepping back. “Let’s go tuck you in yes?”

“Can we skip that tonight too mommy? I’m just so tired,” I lied.

“I suppose. Are you sure the big scawy monsters won’t get you?” My mother said in an all too serious voice.

I chuckled to myself slightly and responded, “No mommy. I think I can fight them off by now.”

“Okay sweetie. Well, goodnight.”

“Goodnight mom,’ I pecked her on the face followed by my father. “Night dad.”

“Goodnight sweetheart,” my father said smiling.

Then it was down the rather long hallway near the front of the house and through the door a the end to the right for bed. Unfortunately, I don’t think I was going to get any sleep tonight. I was to ready to give Dusyanta trouble. Zalmon still has brownie points from earlier today.

Once safely in my room, I looked around and saw that one window was curtain-less and the broken remains of what seemed to be a lamp lay next to the tattered rags. I thought I had told them not to break anything! “Boys!” I hissed. “Get out here! You’ve got some explaining to do!”

The next thing I knew, Dusyanta came bursting out of the closet, Zalmon close on his heels, trying to stop him, holding a raggedy old stuffed bear, smartly saying, “We have explaining to do? Excuse me, but I think you're the one who should be giving answers! What in the world is this?"

I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed but I couldn’t help but blush then leap out and snatch my poor plushy from the cruel, cruel demon. “That was from when I was like two and it’s been through a lot,” I muttered. “And that’s not the point. I want to know why exactly my room is littered with trashed items!”

"Oh, you mean all of this. Yeah... you know, things are so delicate in this era. Last time I was here, stuff was better quality." He replied passively.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Never mind the meaning. What I am really interested in is your room,” Dusyanta chuckled. “What is up with the decor?”

“That’s none of your business,” I screeched at him, probably being a little defensive. I know it’s not his fault but the whole thing is a bit sensitive. 

“Touchy touchy,” he tisked. “Fine. If you don’t want to talk about the room, then what about the boy in you little family photo over there.”

“Again,” I icily said, placing my hand on my hipping, shifting my wait to one leg, “None of your business.”

“Okay then,” Dusyanta said, looking slightly confused but quickly covered it up and continued, “You're right. I couldn't really care less about your personal life. But um, those fascinating characters outside, they sound like a possible problem. Your parents, I take it?"

“Like I have said, none of your business.”

“Okay. Fine, be that way.”

I blew my bangs out of my face in frustration. We were acting like kids. But that doesn’t mean that I was ready to tell him anything about my past. Plus, I don’t know anything about him yet, not to mention that I could feel the power of sleep pushing down on my lids. 

After a brief yawn, I turned to Zalmon, who once again just stood there obediently, and said, “We need to figure out a place for you to sleep.”

The End

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