Escaping a Library


I was eager to get out of this library let alone this wretched, stuffy room. So eager in fact that I ran out of the room, grabbed my stuff, and flew over to the door to open it where I flew face first into it, forgetting that I was locked in. Unfortunately for me, both Dusyanta and Zalmon were following. Dusyanta decided it was a simply hilarious moment and burst out in roaring laughter. I hated being laughed at; have had enough of it in my life and didn’t need him doing it to, so I shot him a dark glare.

“I apologize, master. I forgot about that silly, ‘protective clause’ part about our agreement. You should have allowed me to progress ahead, so I could deal with anything that might harm you, like that horrible, dangerous door. How about from here on out, I go first. You know, incase there are a set of wild ravenous stairs outside I need to protect you from as well?” Dusyanta chuckled sarcastically.

“Well aren’t you just the perfect gentleman,” I said matching his sarcasm. 

Zalmon spoke next in a somewhat nervous tone, “Are you okay master? Did you break anything?”

“No, Zalmon,” I sighed. “I am perfectly fine. I tend do do this often enough to be able to live through it.”

“Oh joy, you mean I’m going to have to save you from the dangers of doors on a regular basis? When you ordered me to protect you, I was thinking of something more along the lines of, oh I don’t know, stabby rip stab stab.”

“Look, while I don’t appreciate you using two-year-old lingo with me, I need to get out of this place and because I need to leave, you are going to make it so I can leave. If I don’t, my parents are going to kill me. So make with the smashing of the door already!”

“Of course dear master, we wouldn’t want to upset mumsy and dadums.”

Before I could think of a retort to that, Dusyanta proceeded to bashed the door to splinters with his fist. After a second of speechlessness at the demons sheer strength, I walked outside, taking precaution to not trip over one of the pieces of wood and give Dusyanta reason to mock me forever, not that he wouldn’t do it anyway.

I began to make my way towards home when I realized that my newfound servants were not accompanying me and when I turned to look at what was up, I saw a very interesting sight. Zalmon had his mouth agape, gawking at the sky in shock. Dusyanta on the other hand had stopped in mid step, staring at the cars, skyscrapers and people that just happened to be out this late at night with his mouth open as well.

I, being impatient and lazy, yelled at them asking, “What are you guys doing. we need to go!”

Zalmon breathlessly said, “The stars...where are all the stars?”

“What-” he began and then pausing, not looking at me, trying to conjure up the words. “What year is it?”

I raised my eyebrow, a little stunned at how they were completely baffled by the world. “2009...” I stated.

“Has it really been so long.” I thought I heard Dusyanta breathe.

“Guys, while I am sure this is a confusing time for you and all, we really to get our butts a moving if I am going to live through this tonight.”

With no verbal response, they slowly began to walk with me home, staring at the new civilization before them. To tell you the truth, it was a little awkward. For some reasons they slightly reminded me of zombies. After walking for what seemed like miles, we finally reached my average joe, one story house in your everyday, middle-class suburbia. 

Before even stepping foot on the front yard, I turned to face the still stunned demons. Thinking that they were still off in la-la land, I slapped them each across the face. 

Dusyanta reeled back and blinked, as if in disbelief. He spluttered for a moment, tripping over his words, before he gathered himself. “Well, at least now I know why you need me to protect you. You know, apart from evil doors and what not.”

During this process of Dusyanta flipping out, I looked over at Zalmon who was seething. It shocked me a little to see him glaring at me with such a killing intent. This couldn’t be the same guy that was in the library. I immediately began to feel sorry for slapping him and said with regret, “I am truly sorry for slapping you Zalmon. I didn’t think it would make you so mad.”

Realizing the kind of face he was making, Zalmon quickly returned to his normal, submissive expression, bowing slightly in apology.

I then looked back at Dusyanta who stood expecting an apology. I simply told him, “You deserved it after everything that you’ve said to me so suck it up.”

The corners of Dusyanta’s mouth twitched in a smirk.

“I’d be careful telling me who deserves what, human.” He said, quietly. “I’m only required to protect your life. you’d be amazed at the loopholes I can find, given time.”

“But,” I argued, “You also have to do whatever I tell you and I don’t think that I will tell you to torture me anytime soon.”

He opened his mouth defiantly, about to dispute what I had just said when I held up my hand and quickly said, “You know I would love to stand here for eternity and argue over worthless things, but I just don’t have the time. I have to go in and explain to my parents why I am coming home so late and while I do that, you are going to go around back and try and find a way into my room. got it? It’s the one jutting out from the rest of the house. Don’t break anything. Just get in without a sound, okay?”

Trying to avoid any lip from Dusyanta, I quickly walked away, towards my house. Before I opened the front door, I looked over my shoulder and was pleased to find they were following my instruction. Taking a deep breath, I turned the knob and flung the door open, and stepped inside, silently closing the door. 

After a few steps, the lights turned on, blinding me for a second. Stunned, I murmured, “I’m home.”

The End

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