I gazed at my girl master in slight puzzlement. She bit her lip in thought, peering at me and my companion, Zalmon, intently. This tiny human had somehow managed to summon me, a Demon of the 7th level, the same Demon who had, in fact, brought kings to their knees.

I wasn't just making that up, it was all true, which gives it more power than just empty bluster. I had brought about the destruction of cities in my past, I had lain waste to countrysides and their starving peasants in the years of the Great Wars. I had also done a few other things I wasn't quite as proud of, but the girl didn't need to know about those.

But the point was, this human had brought me back, after years of blessed freedom. Not just any random person can summon a higher level being such as me, she obviously must have some amount of power, whether she knew it or not. And I thought I could safely assume she didn't know it, at all. She was currently running a distracted hand through her short hair, her eyes wide and flicking from Zalmon, to me, and back again. As far as I could tell, she had no idea what was going on.

She had said she had just found the book of summons, that she had read out of it without thinking it would work. Obviously, she didn't believe in Demons or summonings, or at least she hadn't before about ten minutes ago. That added to the gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me the days of old when I had fought for the Kings of legends and myths were far gone. This was a new earth, a new dawn. I was itching to get out of this pentacle, to explore this travesty of a planet once more, but I could do nothing until the girl gave the Initial Command.

I opened my mouth to politely tell her this, but before I even got the first word out, something inside of her seemed to snap.

"What have I done. What in god's name have I just done! I mean, it was all supposed to be a joke, just a little thing to do to pass the time, but now, there are two demons standing there in front of me! But demons don't really exist. This is the 21st century after all. I must be dreaming. That's it. I'll wake up in a minute and everything will be good and right and normal. Just a dre-" She paused for a second, her face dropping to a horrified expression. She took her hand away from the back of her head and stared at it. There was blood covering it. "This isn't a dream. What have I done! These demons are going to kill me now. They are going to eat me and then my family and then destroy the world . Have I just brought forth the apocalypse? What in the hell am I supposed to do now? What can I-"

"I'm sorry to interrupt this fascinating little episode, but if you don't terribly mind, please shut up." I said, exasperatedly. The girl stared at me, eyes wide, as if she couldn't quite believe I had just told her to shut her trap.

"...What?" She hissed at me.

"Shut. Up." I repeated. "And please get on with the summons. You're not done yet, sweet cakes. You still need to speak the Initial Command before we can even step out of this pentacle, let alone destroy the world."

"And if I don't?" She retorted sharply, glaring at me, hands on hips and chin held high defiantly.

"And if you don't, then you're going to have to explain to whoever owns this building what two half dressed demons are doing trapped in a Satanic pentacle in their basement." I snapped back.

She narrowed her eyes at me, swelling with anger.

"...Fine." She spat, deflating a little. "Fine. What are these stupid initial commands or whatever?" I smiled sweetly at her.

"I wouldn't know. I can't speak them." The girl looked as if she wanted to strangled me. Before she took the opportunity, I added quickly, "But the general idea is that you give us a broad command, entailing what our duties are while we are confined in this world."

"Oh. So you mean, I can make you do anything I want?" She mused, a wicked grin spreading across her face. I'll admit it, I swallowed with a little difficultly.

"Not anything." I scoffed condescendingly. "I have to agree to the terms first."

"And if you don't agree to my terms, from what I can tell you'll be stuck in that pentacle for the rest of eternity. How does that sound?" She shot back. I met her stare for stare, neither of us saying anything for countless seconds.

"Depends. It sure sounds a lot better than licking your boots for an eternity." I replied shortly.

"Oh, I wouldn't give you a job like that! I wouldn't want you to melt my favorite pair of shoes with your rancid breath." I grinned nastily at her.

"In that case, why don't you just set me free now, and not have to worry about any of this at all?"

"Not a chance." She said smugly. Then she continued on, "I command thee, Dusyanta and Zalmon, to not only to protect my life with your own but to serve me to the best of your abilities until I dismiss you or the termination of my life on earth. And to keep your identities and true natures a secret from any human or nonhuman eyes." She added as an after thought. I frowned, surveying the intolerable girl before me.

"How professional. You sound like you've done this before." I said dryly.

"Why thank you." She shot back. "Do you accept?" I heaved a sigh, running a distracted hand through my false hair.

"I don't suppose I have much of a choice, do I?" I said in defeat.

"I don't suppose you do." Was her reply.

"Fine Then. I agree to your terms of service." I snarled. As I did so, I felt the binding contract tighten and connect to my being, anchoring my existence to the Earth once and for all. From here on out, I was stuck, unless the girl died, or she dismissed me, or I found a way out of the contract.

"And what about you, Zalmon?" She added, turning to Demon beside me who had thus far remained silent. He bowed in servitude.

"I accept." He said, in his almost disconcertingly deep voice.

"Well then, I guess it's about time we got out of this damn library." My new master said, hands on hip.

The End

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