Dealing with Demons


I sat there, eyes wide, gaping for air, trying to find the words to express my emotions. The incantation, the circle, the candles, all of it worked. Now, standing before me had to be the two best looking guys that I had ever seen speaking some alien language. Even though they looked like humans, I questioned whether they were of similar blood or blood at all. It was a summoning so does that make them demons, angels, or some other weird creature? And what exactly was the extent of their powers? Were they going to kill me right now? They didn’t look like they were about to murder someone though few ‘people’ do. Plus, there was that the spell was to bring me a servant, not a killer. But what if something had gone terribly wrong and brought forth a killer? I guess it didn’t matter now since they were here and I don’t know any way to teleport them back to wherever they had come from.

I felt as though I should say something, you know, to break the ice and all, but when I tried to speak, some dry, embarrassing croak escaped my lungs. I could feel their eyes on me now and I felt my cheeks slightly flush pink. You know you would blush to if it was just you and two very good looking boys, alone, in a confined space. 

Again, I attempted to speak, this time a little more successful as I rasped slightly, “Who are you?” It didn’t come out exactly as I wanted it to so I cleared my throat and strongly questioned, “More appropriately, what are you?”

In response to my rather dumb question, one snorted derisively and responded loud and menacingly, "I am Dusyanta, destroyer of man, conquerer of cities, I am the demon that brought down the reigns of the Kings of Old, I am the bringer of Death and the will of the Gods. And in your turn, human, who are you?"

Quickly, I stoop up, placing my hands on my hips in that obstinate way of mine, chin jutting out slightly and icily said, “I am Levana and I summoned you here, servant, so I would watch that tongue of yours before I remove it or you from my presence." 

You know what he did. He laughed. Right in my face. It was as if I was no threat to him whatsoever, which I wasn’t, but he didn’t have to be so mean about it. I glared at him for a short moment and turned to look at the other one. He looked older than the jerk over there, possibly in his mid-twenties with long black hair the went to his lower back and the most haunting red eyes. Since he just stood there quietly during the whole thing I smiled sweetly at him and asked, “And you would be.”

He looked at me with respect and said in a voice of servitude, “My name is Zalmon and I am yours to command master.” Then he bowed at the waist, lowering his head in submission. Now that is what a servant should act like. 

“Already I like you better Zalmon,” I said. I could see the smile beginning to form on his face as I turned to Dunsyata and sternly said, “You could learn a thing or two from him.”

"Like I care,” he retorted. Then he added, “If you dislike me so much, why don't you send me on my way? I'm sure this... thing would be delighted to spend the next couple of decades submitting to your every whim, and with a lot less lip than I'd give you to boot. So just speak the dismissal spell, sweet heart, there's no time for fond farewells."

“Dismissal spell? I don’t know anything like that. I just summoned you from that book,” I said, pointing at the tome on the other side of the room.

“You don’t know the dismissal spell?” he scoffed. “A simple spell like that! Then how in the hell did you summon me? An all powerful demon! I brought kings to their knees! How do you expect to master us, if you don’t know the simple spells you incompetent fool?”

“Listen,” I said, standing square to him with my arms straight down to my sides, gritting my teeth. “I didn’t even think the spell would work. It was just something to do to pass the time!”

“Obviously, sugar, it worked and now you have to take responsibility somehow.”

“You act all high and mighty, but you don’t even know the spell yourself because if you did, you would a) already be gone or b) you would have told me the spell so you could be gone! You act as if I am happy about this! Well I am not happy in the least bit! Not happy at all! No offense Zalmon.”

“None taken master,” Zalmon said respectfully.

“Sweet heart, that’s not my duty. I am a demon, not a sorcerer, and apparently neither are you. So now, I am stuck with you whether you like it or not master.” He grinned a devilish grin, once again enticing my rage.

After a few deep breath I calmed myself. Obviously, introductions were over and the extent of my ability was established but the real question was, what was coming next? I began to pray that this was all a dream and when I woke up I would be drooling on a couple of textbooks on a library table. I don't think that that was going to happen any time soon though.






The End

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