It all Began with Studying

Two demons are summoned by Levana after being locked in a library overnight. One of the demons is a servant to the girl where the other decides to try his hand in conquering this new world by bringing forth a large army of fellow demons to follow is command. Now it is up to the unlikely pair to foil this threat to the world. If not, then Earth as we know it will cease to exist. And who said nothing bad could come of studying.


I didn’t mean for this to happen. None of this was ever supposed to happen. But it has, and it is all my fault. It was a mistake. I didn’t know that what was to be the consequences for my action, and consequences there will be, that I have to put a stop to. If I don’t, you, me, the world as we know it will be in very, very bad hands. 


You see, it all began with the library. I know, I know. Your thinking, “What could possibly go wrong at the library.” Well, a lot actually. And you know what really started it all? Studying. Yep. Studying. You hear that kids. It’s bad and will cause the destruction of the world. Just don’t do it.


Anyway, I was studying for a big, fat test for history that was coming up when I dosed off a bit. When I woke up, everybody was gone. Still groggy, I stood up and packed my belongings and then slumped to the front door. Gathering what energy I had at the moment, I pushed to open the door, preparing to feel the rush of frigid air against my face when I realized it was locked. No matter how hard and frantically I pushed, the damned door would not open. So I went to the nearest table, now fully awake, and slouched into the stiff-backed chair, heaving a sigh as I did so. I suppose the reason I was trapped here was because I liked my stupid privacy and thusly sat squished in the corner, invisible to the rest of the passerbies. Lucky for me, there were no night guards and what not. So I was completely and utterly alone.


Now what was I to do? Sit there like some oaf, bored out of my skull? There was no chance that I was going to be able to fall asleep now. So I stood up and began to prowl the halls of books. After a while, I became bored. So, I started to play make-believe. No, a 17-year-old girl is not too old to play make-believe. I decided that I would be a thief, one that has to retrieve the vase on the opposite side of the library, and began to creep around corners. Sometimes running into guards and haveing to put the smack down on them, sometimes firing a gun, and sometimes crawling on the floor for lack of anything else to do. All I know is that I would randomly start giggling out of sheer joy. I promise I'm not crazy


The vase was in sight now. I could just feel the cold porcelain of the priceless china vase on my fingers, so I picked up the pace. Just a small jog. That was a mistake because for some reason I didn’t see that retched book-cart jutting out ever so slightly at the end. Well, I stubbed my toe, tripping in the process and tumbling down the stairs placed ever so conveniently next to my target. I was rolling so fast down the stairs that not even the door could slow me down. I plowed straight through the sucker, landing dumbly in the entrance to a dusty room filled with tomes. Now I could have left then, closing the door, never to return. Oh no. I just kept on going. It was the ‘forbidden’ section of the library after all. And we all know that ‘forbidden’ means ‘Welcome. Come on in and enjoy yourself. Everything is perfectly safe here.’


As I ventured through the small room, there was one book that really caught my eye. It stood isolated and closed on  the desk area in the very middle of the back of the room. Ever the smart one, I walked right on up to it, ignoring the almost gone candles and dusted off the cover. There was some weird, hieroglyphic writing scrawled across the worn cover. Curiosity striking me, I opened the book, only to find that it was written in english. Baffled, I looked back at the cover which now read ‘The Book of Summons’. I could’ve taken this as an omen, packing up and leaving right then and there. But that damn curiosity of mine just latched on and would not let go. I had to keep going. 


Once again, I opened the book, this time turning to a random page and began to read, the incantation was titled, “Summoning a servant.” These people were just oh so creative with their names. Regardless, I decided this would be as good a time as ever to see if this thing actually worked and if by the off chance it had worked, I would have a servant. I was in a win win situation. Heck, I may never have to clean my room again.


I didn’t think the spell would work though. You see, I was a skeptic. All that hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo was all stupid and fake and Hollywood and not going to work. Hey, don’t blame me. Blame todays society.


In any case, I followed the instructions perfectly. First drawing the specified alchemy circle thing to the best to my ability on the stone floor with the chalk  that had conveniently provided for me (I am no artist), placed the candles that surrounded the book on the floor in the specified spot, and lit them in the designated order. I then took my place at the bottom of the circle and began to read the incantation: 


“He who is strong, he who will serve

Lend thine powers to me”


A small bit of wind began to pick up right then. I stole a cursory glance towards the center of the circle. As baffled as I was over the fact that something was happening, I continued on with the spell.

“From thine dwelling I call thee forth 

Of selfish want, of selfish desire

Come forth thee, show thine face to your master

Please me as thine duty demands and thou shall be given just freedom

Come forth oh being from beyond

Come forth my faithful servant”


By now the wind had really picked up. It was whirling past me, flinging things through the air that barely missed my head. I thought I was to be plucked off my feet and hurtled through the air as the objects had been, but I would not budge. All that was left were the last two lines. Those two were not in english and I tried to pronounce them as best I could, but it was in latin or something and I was taking spanish like any other normal Californian kid. I read;

“a diabolus EGO excito

deus succurro nos totus”


Despite my resistance, I was blown back against the wall and a light so blinding white flashed throughout the room so that I closed and covered my own eyes. After a minute or so, the wind ceased and every loose paper and book that had been flying through the air dropped like rocks, landing nosily on the floor. When I opened my eyes I was shocked. So shocked that I closed my eyes shut again, tighter then before only to open them to the same sight. There, before me, in the process of standing, was only as what I could explain as a demon. An incredibly hot, practically naked demon. And there wasn’t just one of them.

The End

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