I watched miserably as Isolde left with the Commander, I didn't know how long it would be until we saw each other again. She was the only one that understands me. I looked around her kitchen with contempt, I had never like the down homey feel of the place. It was too, warm looking. I kept my house as cold as I could, and there wasn't much in it. I didn't have any Fosters anymore.

It had taken a lot of persuasion, but finally the Commander was letting me live alone. Now though? I would be going to live with Panem. I was excited, I won't deny it, the guys supposed to be a Legend. But, no one there would understand me, they would hate me. Most people did. Speaking of, so does Isolde's Mother, and here she is now. She stepped into the kitchen and shot me a look of malice. "What are you doing in here? Isolde is gone. There is no need for you to be in my house."

The old house groaned in protest, making the whole kitchen clatter. I smiled in satisfaction. "I was just leaving Heldren."

She gaped, her face starting to turn red, "It's Mrs Crown to you, you incorrigible little beast! Now get out!"

I smirked, pleased at her reaction, "With pleasure."

I stepped outside with a wide smile. I truly enjoyed winding her up, although she was far more likely to harm me now Isolde is gone. Her Mother thinks me a bad influence, and perhaps I am. I do not care for this Lands petty politics or system. I almost wish the Commander hadn't taken me from my parents. Though when I think that, I look around me and remember, although the people of this land are something I loathe, the Land itself is beautiful.

I made my way back to my home. It was the only one for miles that didn't have a perfect garden, nor was it perfectly clean and tidy. It had weeds growing here there and everywhere, and the white paint that covered the outside of my house was flaking and aged. It was just how I like it.

I was just about to step in the door, when I heard the high pitched whoosh of a Everleen Dropship landing on the lawn outside my home. I turned. Urgh, could they make it more obvious that it's a Royal ship? The whole thing was white and gold, and it was obvious no expense had been spared. A man, who looked overly groomed and pretentious, stuck his head out of the door.

His brown eyes assessed me. "Lilou?" I nodded. "Get on. I trust the Commander has already seen you?" I nodded, silently watching him as I made my way to the ships doors. I didn't trust him, I didn't trust anyone, except Isolde, but where was she now? I stepped on board slowly, eyeing my surroundings. I turned up my lip. As expected, it would have to be the over top splendour and homeliness that these people considered the norm.

I didn't tell anyone, only Isolde, but I remembered my home, in the Lues Land, the one that the Commander had ripped me from. It was cold and harsh, if not then hot and harsh, and the people there knew only how to be cruel to one another, but it was all I had known. They didn't engage in the niceties that these creatures did. Most of them were Demons, the ones in Court, the ones I grew up with, were worst than most.

Stronger than the others, they lorded over them. Anything they wanted was theirs, whether given out of fear, or something else. Children were only had by those who wanted to further their hold on the land, leave a legacy. Their version of love was considered abhorrent here. To me, my parents loved each other a lot, just not in the sickly lovey dovey way of the Everleen people.

We didn't have the luxuries that the Everleen had, we lived with basics, hunting for what food we could get, every time it would be the same, Glacies Hens. Nothing else there was edible. Most of this I only know because I have read it, but my home, my parents? I remembered them as clear as day.

I look like my Mother I know, I have the same jet black hair as her, pin straight and shiny too. I can control how long it is too. I'd fashioned it as overly long for years, I knew Isolde was jealous, and as much as I loved her, I enjoyed making her feel that way too. "Lilou!" Panem's voice took me out of my thoughts. I glanced up at him, a deadpan look on my face.


He frowned, his big brown eyes assessing me again. His skin was the same pasty white as my own, and rich brown hair flopped over his eyes slightly. "You must listen better if I am to teach you darling. I thought you would be excited to meet another of your kind?"

I frowned, my face darkening at his use of the word 'darling'. "I am not your darling, and yes, I was excited. Upon seeing you, I am not." I scowled and my gaze returned to my lap. I was never good at getting along with anyone. To tell the truth, I don't want to. Before I could even blink, my head was held upright in chains, made of some strong viscous liquid. Panem's hand was up in the air, commanding the substance.

"You must learn child. I am your Master now, and I will be the one teaching you how to harness the gift you were given."

I scowled, my soft orange eyes boring a hole into his head. If they could. I waved a hand, breaking the bonds in his substance, making it fall to the floor, useless. "I do not need a teacher, I am far stronger than you I would wager. I have no Master." I gave him a look that most others would be cowed by.

He stared at me a moment and laughed, "You truly believe that do you? Let us give you a chance to prove it when we get back then. I daresay the Lues left it's mark on you young one. There are few that can command such a foreboding voice or look, or such power so young. That was Maria and Majus."

My parents. "You knew them?"

Panem nodded slowly, "Mara and Marletta had us come together for what you might call playdates, before the war started."

I gaped, watching him with reverence for the rest of the trip.

The End

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