Prologue - The PyreMature

The story of two Women, both the same age, best friends from the moment they could speak. Until their lives took completely different paths....

The Pyre is an ancient and forgotten land. Existing alongside your own, like it has for many many centuries. The folk of this land used to trade with your ancestors, the humans, until the time that technology started to take hold in your World. Humans learnt more about us, became scared, and as with most things they are scared of, they tried to exterminate us. The Great Queen Mara, from the Everleen Lands, sealed our world away from yours with her Magicks. A great barrier covers our World, hiding us from prying human eyes, never for the two World's to come together again. 

Eons ago The Pyre was split into five Kingdoms, each ruled by a Monarch, who is chosen by the land itself. The Everleen Lands, ruled over by Queen Mara. The Lotus Lands, governed by King Morian. The Lues Land, ruled by Queen Marletta, The Aquaris Land, ruled by King Thespian and the Tenebra Lands, ruled over by King Lucieus. 

Each land is unique, shaped to its ruler's desires. The Everleen Land, is a large one, bigger than most of the others, except The Lues Land, but we'll come to that later. It's luscious green fields and forests provide a veritable haven for most creatures, plus endless sustenance for the people of the Land. It is primarily Spring time there and is inhabited largely by Equumut, horse shifters in layman terms. 

Humanoid type beings, that can change into horses. Though not horses as you know them. They are larger than any Horse indigenous to the Human World, and a lot more intelligent. They retain most of their brain function when they are changed, able to talk to each other, and in some rare cases, other types of creatures telepathically. Queen Mara herself is an Equumut. 

The Lotus Land is a relatively small kingdom, with not much in the way of natural sustenance, save ryce, a tough grain, able to grow in almost any terrain. It is much like your Tofu, a food that will take on the taste of the herbs and spices it is cooked with. Eaten alone, it is fairly disgusting. 

The Everleen Land are King Morian's greatest allies, providing him with many provisions for his people. Food, armour, weapons, building materials and the list goes on. The Land itself is a patchwork of mountains and forests. Since it is nearly always Autumn here, it is cold, and a harsh environment to live in at times. They often find themselves having a problem with Burz, the lands natural predator. 

The Burz is somewhat like a bear and a wolf transfused, double the size of your World's average Brown Bear. It's a rather stupid creature, simply content if well fed and given enough space to roam. Without those things though, the beasts can be savage, and they make no discrimination between the rich, poor, old or young.

The Lues Land, is a harsh environment, more so than any other Kingdom. It is constantly either boiling hot, or freezing cold there. Not much grows there save for Fyrefruit, which the Queen keeps for herself and her court, almost exclusively. The only creature in the land that can be used for food, is the Glacies Hen, surprisingly an animal that can easily better you, if you're not on top of your game. 

The rest of the creatures that reside there are as harsh as their home, and cruel in nature. They answer to one person only. Marletta. Marletta is a Bestia Discentis, and one of the last of her kind. She can command any animal and it will obey. Save shifters, mostly. Her subjects tend to be demons of many different shapes and sizes. 

The rest of the kingdoms have their part to play in our tale, but for now, are of little importance. I have told you of the Great Lands I call my home, now I will leave it to the people to tell you of their story....



© Elouise Field. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real persons and/or places is entirely coincidental and/or used in a fictional manner. This work is not to be copied in any way. 

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