Isle of Embers

Welcome to "The Isle Embers"! Embers is a small island off the coast of Ireland. A whole array of different character live on this island all thanks to you!

The Isle of Embers was illuminated as the growing sun rose from behind the snow-peaked mountains. The grass bobbed and danced flashing gold and scarlet in the sweet wind. The wind rustled the tree’s sending a flurry of autumn leaves scattering through the air before settling gently on the ground.

The graceful Moon Birds pecked at the sunflowers chatting amiably with each other in their language of squeaks and grunts.

From her vantage point on top of the tallest Amber tree, Lea Rose watched the forest.

Everything rushed around her, living, breathing and moving so fast. She felt so calm at the heart of everything. An ice princess living inside the burning sun.

 Her hair, so black it looked almost blue, blew around in her face in messy halo. She grinned and stretched her neck back. The sky opened before her, rose pink dabbled with sunshine yellow.

Below her she heard a snap and immediately tensed her hands clenching the top branches in her hands. She sighed, her apology to the tree lost in her breath. The tree started to shake and finally the smell reached her.

The gut-wrenching, eye-watering smell of rotting flesh and ghosts.

A cold clammy hand clamped around her ankle and she screamed as she tumbled to the leaf-strewn ground below the disgusting smelling figure clasping at her urgently.

* * *

The End

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