Feline Comparisons

Kiran's eyes followed Des's lithe body as she scaled a thick moss-covered tree trunk  into the canopy of leaves above, clinging close to the bark like a hunting jungle cat.

In a way, she was. These eggs could mean survival or starvation. It was that simple. 

As her fingers crept into the nest just above her head, she silently counted the eggs. There were six. By leaving two, she knew that the mother bird would lay more eggs to replace the four that she and Kiran were making a meal of. Kiran smiled as he watched her slink back down through the branches and land neatly at the base of the tree. A look of smug accomplishment lit her features despite the growing darkness.

She thought to walk past him towards the fire they'd lit on the beach, but instead stopped and turned his palms up to the sky, placing two eggs in each. When he eyed her curiously, she took the opportunity to lean in and brush her lips against his neck quickly before continuing back to the bonfire.

Kiran cleared his throat, "What was that?"

"What was what?" Desiree asked coyly. Ignoring the pain in his leg, Des's companion placed the eggs in the sand just out of reach of the fire's heat and advanced on her.

His hands landed at her waist and pulled her close, giving her a chance to finish what she had started, but she dropped to the sand, taking both of them down.

"'What is this?' is a better question," she decided. Gold reflected from inside her very being. The unpredictable light of the flames danced across her face and her sun-bleached hair, her taut honeyed flesh; she smelled of green leaves and briny dew. She was beautiful.

"You're right. That is a better question. What is this... kittenish behavior?"

Desiree purred in a soft rolling 'r' sound. Several strands of yellow hair fell into her smiling eyes as she shook her head innocently, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Kiran laughed as he kissed her on the mouth and then softly along her jaw and throat and collar bone. He looked her in the eyes and, like it was some kind of joke only the two of them could understand, replied, "Isn't that just always the case?"

The End

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