Adventures of Cosmo: Blonde Head

Cosmo was bored. As the prince, the only activity he was technically allowed to participate in was the moon dance, but he doubted even that would happen seeing as he had no partner to dance. Not that finding one would be a problem, in fact he was supposed to choose a maiden from the crowd, he just didn't want another girl that was so excited to even get to look at him that he didn't get to enjoy himself.

So he sat on his throne and yawned, hoping that the festival would be over soon. His eyes trailed over the 10 rows of over obsessive teen girls, past the children playing in the fields, and for some reason settled on a blonde head in the distance. She was slowly making her way through the crowd, a mission on her mind. From the look on he face, nothing would deter her.

Cosmo smiled. Maybe he would dance after all.

He called the royal musician over.

"Chauncy, play the moon dance now, will you?" he asked sweetly.

Chauncy shook his head. "I'm sorry your majesty, but it's not scheduled until…" he flipped some pages, then caught the look on Cosmo's face. He gulped. "Right now." he said with a bow, turning back to the musicians.

Cosmo smiled and stood up, whistling to gather everyone's attention. His smile grew wider when he saw the blonde head keep moving, though slowly.

"Ladies of the court and maidens of the village, it is now time for the moon dance." he said grandly, turning on his full charm. He heard excited whispers and a few swoons.

"As you all know is the custom," he continued, "I must choose a dance partner from the audience. I choose…" he pretended to scan the crowd and pinged his finger at the blonde head. "You."

The End

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