Adventures of Zina: Escape!

Zina awoke to the sound of... nothing. She smiled. This was her chance. For weeks, she had been digging a tunnel out of that dump, and the guards had been too stupid to notice. Finally, she could escape.

It was the day of the island's Moon Day festival, the day the moon goddess Iesha came to bless the island thousands of years ago. Zina had never believed in all of that phony religion stuff, but it bought her way out of jail, and for that she thanked whatever god or goddess that was out there.

She wasted no time divind into the hole and climbing through the tunnel. She made it to the other side in record time, her mood brightening. Only one problem left: her escape boat was on the other side of the island, through the festival.

Zina took a deep breath and headed off. On the edge of town, she stopped at a small store to buy supplies. Buy the time she stepped out, she was a differant person. With her blonde wig and green contacts, she stood out enough to be a foreign beauty but blended in enough not to stand out. She had also put on a green dress that matched the contacts and a brown cloak that was perfect for hiding the bow & arrows on her back and several other weapons in various places.

She smiled big and headed off into the crowd, her mind set on her boat.

For reader reference, the next chapter in this story is entitled Adventures of Cosmo: Blonde Head.

The End

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