Basic Idea

A collection of fantastical stories following the adventures of miscellaneous characters and their inevitable intertwining of fates.

So the idea I had for this was a collection of islands, perhaps as expansive as our own earth to allow for different climates, as a setting for different adventures of characters who will hopefully cross over in later tales. Being in a sort of fantasy, steampunk kinda setting (sorry if that's cliché or anything!) I'm sure there's room for lots of artistic and imaginative possibilities. I pretty much just wanted to create an evolving forum for people's ideas that fit in this setting and hopefully have a whole concoction of different genres.

What this fundamentally gives way for is a sandbox world for me, and anybody who wishes to join me, to throw in random, eclectic stories that can somehow in a mish-mash manner come together. I'm happy for people to explore a spectrum of emotions, but I don't really envision these works being super dark or gratuitous in terms of gore or mature themes.

But yeah! Be creative! It's open for humour, life-lessons, political discussions, metaphysical discussions... whatever, yo!

As a basic layout, say that you want to create a certain recurring character that you write about, entitle the work "Adventures of <insert name of story's protagonist here>:<name of adventure>" so that people can refer to this character again. When characters cross over, their authors can decide on a cross-name and probably share the writing of the adventure! Also, as your collection of characters expand, do feel free to adjust the format as you see fit i.e. "Adventures on <insert name of island here>" or take on a completely different name that you feel is appropriate. Just try to make it easily traceable for your fans! Moreover, allow your current adventure to span over multiple chapters and simply note that it's Part 1, Part 2 etc. Then when you feel you can coherently branch into a new adventure title feel free to do so!

Much of what I said is simply a suggestion, mind you.

Hope you have fun.

The End

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