After dinner is over, the plates are cleared and talk begins. I tell of my hunt and the beauty of the night. I tell of the blessing bestowed upon me by the generous Spirits. Everyone agrees that I was gifted. Lycaenion doesn't look happy.

Discution moves on to other topics. I am happy, and enjoying the company. I am now a woman, and an adult. That means I will soon pick a gift to give to the city. A place for me to focus my energy. Of course, what that is depends heavily on my Flair. I should know what it is any day now.

Once it becomes known, I will be able to learn. Until then, I will help gather food. I will hut and gather and cook and serve. I will do any extra task that needs doing. That way, I will know part of what each gift requires.

As we all leave the lounge, I see Atepa, playing by the fountain.

"Atepa, are you having fun?" I ask her, crouching next to her small body.

"Yes. Kae made this." She holds up a doll made of scraps that Chickae made for her.

"Are you tired?"

"A wittle. Kia said to wait here."

Okay, well you sleep well okay?" I ask her as I stand up.

Atepa is an orphan. Her mother went to hunt and never came back. Atepa is just as clueless as the rest of us, but some have suspitions. Since her body was never found, she either got lost too far in the woods, was eaten, or did something so wrong no one likes to think that is the truth.

The End

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