I know what will come. Since the challenge was pheasant, we will most likely have pies. Or stuffed pheasant. I think that Annada will make the meat pies, because she knows I like them more.

I am right. The chatter and laughter dies away as the food is placed down. It starts with me, for the first time ever. Then goes to my mother. Then goes around the table, everyone selecting a pie from the platter. Since there are two star of women living here, It takes two platters to get everyone theirs.

I am at head, so I must say bliss. I stand up and speak to the branch hidden stars.

"Great Spirits over all, I thank you for the food and health that you have given us. I thank you for the safety you have given us. I pray that my thanks be heard and understood. Let this good fortune continue, Great Spirits, so that we my honor your names the way you wish us to."

I sit down again, and every one bows their head.

"May the bliss last forever." They mummer together.

"My we be together to enjoy it." I reply. They all look up. and begin to eat.

The End

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