The Lounge

I get a giddy feeling in my chest. I suddenly have so much energy, it is near painful to stand still while my mother smile inwardly at the sight before her. It is official. I, Klymenstra, will get my name.

At the next full moon. glancing up, I can still see the faint impression the moon leaves in the sky, even during the Hightime. My name will be given in just three days. Even more excited energy enters me, until I am quivering with it.

My mother finally moves, and we each go on separate sides. We meet again at the end, and start to move in a straight line towards the Lounge door. Hakia is waiting for us. She sends a slight glance at me, before respecting my mother. She crosses her arms across her chest, and nods her head. Then, cause she is the High Priestess, she uncrosses herself, opening her arms wide to show us the way.

I gently brush aside the worn blanket. I can feel the twigs trying to poke me, daunted by the softened leaves. It is new, and I was proud to help by collecting the branches, fallen to the ground.

It is time to face everyone. They all know, but I have no idea how they will respond to this information. It is now time to find out.

The End

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