My Arrow

We arrive at the Lounge after walking through almost all of Drucilla. Past the empty Council. Past the temple and fifteen smaller shines, each dedicated to one of the nymphs. simultaneously, we all pause in front of the fountain.

It is a stone circle, a little higher than my knees, that collects the gifts of life. Rain and snow and sun fall into the basin. Sometimes there are water lilies floating on top, granting shade to the fish that spend their lives basking in the love of the Spirits. In the very center of the pool, standing tall and proud, is The Statue. It depicts a lovely woman. She wears cloth draped over her obviously thin frame. She also has no face. The front of her head is completely smooth from being exposed to the elements. It symbolizes all of the women on the Island of Destiny.

Her right arm is held out in front if her. In it, some one, probably Hakia, has placed a blue lily. It is the sign. It says that I, Klymenstra, have defeated my opponent. It also means that I am now a woman.

I glance up at her left hand, held, palm up, even with her head. In it rests an arrow. I know that the arrow has a shaft of oak. I know it has a tip of sandstone. I know it has three fletchings, two of pheasant, and one of dove. It is my mother's arrow. It shows that she is queen. Tomorrow, there will be another arrow next to it. My Princess Arrow.

The End

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