The City of Drucilla

The manor is at the northern most point of the city of Drucilla. As my mother and I tread along the flower lined path, I notice more people than usual watching after us. They must know that I was a competitor in the latest challenge. I wish I could see what they are thinking, seeing us stride past.

I am always awed by the dwellings that are located against the walls. I grew up here, running between houses, being chased by the house dogs. I love animals. I think that is why, even though we have only known each other for a month, Alyx and I are very close to each other.

Dogs are free to roam where they want in Drucilla. I don't know how they do it in other cities, but here in the capital, dogs are very close to us. They even come to service with us.

Each of the Spirits has a breed, that they hold more important than all others. Alyx is a Mix. A Mix is the most special breed of dogs. They are good at hunting, retrieving, protecting from demons, and loving those who need it most. She trots along at my side. my mother's own dog, Jae, is on her other side. I know I am smiling like crazy, because every one else is grinning at us.

Even though it is not official yet, they all know who won the competition. I glance at my mother, and, to my surprise, she is smiling as well. Her glance slides to my face, and she seems to get jolted out of her thoughts. She lifts one of her slim, dark brows. I get the hint, and my smile slips from my face. It is not proper to display oneself i such a way. I couldn't care less, but I was in my mother's presence, so I command myself to keep my features under control.

The End

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