My Mother

 Once we sweep out the temple doors, we split apart. Hakia stops and whispers the same song as the wind. Lycaenion turns to go to the lounge. I know where I am wanted. I am to go to the manor. I know that my mother is waiting for me. As I distance myself from the temple doors, my nervous energy is making itself known. I speed up, smiling at all I come across. I smile. I know Lycaenion is not as ecstatic at the results as I am.

 I smile at Rohana, the isangoma. We have been fortunate with very few illnesses. So, she is not very busy. Chikae glances up from her sewing. She is making a dress for my mother. She has her beautiful silver hair pulled back with a wreath of holly branches. She must have done a good job to get such a gorgeous gift.

 As I see the manor appear before me, I realize I am sprinting towards the door. That wont do. To tell my mother of my blessing while sweaty and out of breath. I make an effort to slow down. The dark cherry door opens smoothly before me, with the slightest touch of the sanded door. I feel the rush of cool air as I walk through the entry way. I know where my mother is, but suddenly I am nervous. What if she is not proud of me. Worse yet, what if she is deciding. She is always worse when her mind is busy.

 I know it must be done, so I knock our secret knock on the huge pine doors. They do not open, but I hear a conversation going on behind it. As I am wondering whether I should walk away, the doors swing inward. There is my mother. She has on a reed dress, with a clay wreath in her hair. It is inlaid with amber. They are clear, with no obstructions. I prefer my amber jewelry that has a collection of different bugs featured. It is to signify that life is short. Live as if you will be preserved for ever from this point in time.

The End

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