Plans Backfire

 I can't wait to tell my mom. All I want to do is run from the temple and race the wind to her arms. But first I have to say my part. “I have done my best. It was enough this time. I pray it will be enough next time, and ever after. I hope it will help me better myself. I hope it will help me in every day life as well.”

After concluding the ceremony, we all leave the chamber. The stone door closes with a heavy, final thud. I can hear it as we walk back up into the main building. Everyone knows when there is a challenge, since the request is made at meal time, in the lounge.

The challenger stands before the object of the request. Then she speaks the sacred words. “I recognize the Spirits, and in their name, I ask you to compete against me tomorrow night at dusk. It does not matter who wins, for that will be up to the Spirits. I simply ask that you help me to honor them.”

Once these words are uttered, there is complete silence. The only thing that can break the tension is the only right answer. “Of course I will honor the Spirit's world with you.”

 Even though Lycaenion shows me her bad side more than the others, I had no choice but to accept. I knew that there was no threat to me. She only wanted to prove she was better than me. If I won, I would be able to watch her face fall every time anybody mentioned it. If I lost, it would not matter because I am two years younger than her. It was my first challenge and I am literally bouncing with excitement at winning.

Well, her plan back fired.

The End

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