Drucilla (DRU- SILL- A)

As I head back home to determine the outcome of the night long hunt, the dogs follow me silently. The trees suddenly give way to the walls of Drucilla. The city looms before me. The guard smiles at me. "Good Luck!" she calls to me. 

Once I pass through the oak doors, I am embraced by the senses I connect with home. The flowers, growing in rows beside the path. The scent of bread, baking slowly in once cold ovens. The sun, peeking over the top of the wall. That sight sends me on my way again. I have much to do. It would not be good to be late.

 My first stop is the wooden lodge. I hang up my bow and quiver of arrows on my hook. Then I go to the hound pen and give my dogs to Zenira, telling her, " Take care of them. I will need them soon. Let them sleep, they must be tired."  She smiles and nods her head. Now, I must walk to the temple for the results of the hunting game. I know that the nine pheasants I brought back will be hard to beat. But, then again, it is about overall weight, not number of heads. By now, the Head Priestess will have measured the amount each of us has captured.

As I come upon the massive, marble building, I admire the cool splendor of the statues. All five spirits are represented in immortal stone. There is Saule on the end. She is never complete with out the sun, which she holds proudly above her head. Next to her is Seika, the Summer Spirit. She holds out her hands, cupping a lotus on the right and an orchid on the left. To her other side is Seda, Spirit of the Forest. She balances the plants. She has her arms crossed over her chest, forcing aloe and poison ivy to live side by side. Sesi is the one that watches over the sisters. She holds her twins lovingly in the crook of her arms. Almost all of us have long hair to mimic the twins' flowing locks. Lastly, is Sauda. She is the one that gives the gift of the dark. She also gives beauty to everyone. This is represented by the Harvest Moon cupped in her outstretched hands.

Walking through the smooth maple doors, I am immediately greeted by the scent of burning jasmine. I breathe in deep and realize that I am late. Rushing down to the challenge chamber, over countless, colorful, mosaics, I must still be quiet. There is a service going on in the Spritz. It would not be good to interrupt. I slip down two flights of stairs and past three doors. I slow down so the sound of my feet will not continue to echo off the sandstone walls and floors. I reach the fourth door and grab the handle. It opens easily, and I step through.

The End

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