Chapter Five - Welcome To Slytherin House

Slytherin...I'm in Slytherin!

Isis, got up and hurried over to sit next to Albus Severus who smiled at her gently. "I bet you're surprised since afterall, Slytherin is known for it's 'evilness' but it's not bad at all."

"I hope to agree with you in the coming days," she said, biting down on her lower lip.

"Welcome to Slytherin House, Isis." The chilling voice behind her made Isis turn back, she knew it would be the Bloody Baron who she'd seen before when she entered the Great Hall.

She imagined now as she stared up at him, the ghost who clanked up the towers, haunting little children and scaring the living magic out of them. But of course, it was only a first impression.

"I hope you won't be a disappointment to me, Isis. I expect a lot from you."

Then he floated away from her, watching over the other Slytherins while keeping an eye on her too.

"Don't let whatever he says scare you. It ain't that horrible." A girl with short brown hair and wild blue eyes said from across her.

"I'm Kristy."

"Hi. I'm Isis."

"I got that bit," she said, with a smirk. "How come you're first year? I mean, you look older then me."

"I'm third year. But it's my first year at Hogwarts."

"That makes much more sense."

Before Isis could say another word, delicious food appeared on the empty golden plates in front of her. Her mouth watered at the very sight of all of it. Forgetting about her conversation with Kristy, she quickly filled her plate and started eating to her heart's content. Once she'd done eating, Professor McGonagall who was also the headmistress said a last few words before dismissing them all.

"1st years follow me!" A tall, dark headed boy stood up and started heading out.

"You can come with me," Albus said, smiling at Isis.

"Great," she said, relieved as she stared at the small first years who scuttled off to follow the leader.

"Ms. Isis. I'd like to have a word with you."

Isis turned around to look up at the headmistress. She gulped, then said, "Of course."

The End

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