Chapter Three - Toot! Toot!

I'm finally on the train! I'm giong to Hogwarts!!

Isis was excited. She was bouncing up and down on her seat as she waited for the train to take off. She looked out the window while she waited, and saw many families wishing luck to their children, hugging them, saying goodbye and all the things families do. Isis sighed.

If only I knew who my family was...I'd be so happy...

She stared longingly outside at the mums and dads but jumped in alarm when the compartment door was opened. A girl with scarlet hair a bit past her shoulder smiled at Isis.

"Hi, erm. All the other compartments are taken? D'you mind if we join you?"

There was complete silence for a minute or so and then Isis stuttered, "Of course."

You dim-wit, you're supposed to say something.

The girl sat down across Isis and smiled timidly, while two other boys entered. One of the boys looked the same age as Isis with green almond shaped eyes and black hair. He sat down next to the girl while another boy sat beside Isis.

The train started with a lurch and Isis rubbed her palms together in excitement. "Finally."

"You can't be, you're not new are you?" The boy next to her smirked.

"I am." Isis barely cared about the fact that three strangers were sitting next to her as she stared out the window, waiting for the time to pass.

"But you look much older then eleven," the girl whispered this time.

"That's cause I'm thirteen."

"Then you're joining in first year?"

"Nope, third year."


Isis jumped up in alarm as she stared at the boy next to her. He grinned and said, "Then you might be with my brother, Albus in Slytherin. Anyways, I'm James Sirius Potter. That's my brother, Albus Severus Potter and sister, little Lily Luna. She's a first year."

The boy shook Isis' hand heartily.

"I'm..Isis. Nice to meet you all."

The rest of the ride was full of James's babbling, talking about how great Hogwarts was and how much Isis would like it there. Isis was getting excited with every minute. Defence Against The Dark Arts was defenitely going to a very interesting class. So was Charms!

But their conversation came to a pause when their compartment door opened.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?"

The End

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