Chapter Fifteen - Resolutions

Isis turned her head towards the source of the question and found herself staring into James' gray eyes. He didn't wait for an answer as she stared at him, petrified. Sitting down next to her, he asked, "Beautiful night isn't it?" Isis remained quiet, now looking away from James her eyes back on the pitch.

"I didn't know you like Quidditch," James said, trying to start a conversation but Isis remained quiet. The minutes passed by slowly, neither of them broke the silence throughout. Isis didn't know what to say to James though she'd been adamant on finding him earlier on today. James, likewise, didn't know how to start. Apologies were in order but how would he start? Running his hands through his hair in frustration, he gronaed internally before opening his mouth to say something. Isis, however, interrupted him.

"So why exactly do you hate Scorpius?"

James stared at her, taken aback. He'd never expected her to be this blunt. Yet as her blue eyes looked into his and waited for an answer, he knew he would have to come to this topic soon enough.

"'s just a rivalry between our families. Infact, I..."

"Well how come Albus and Lily don't mind him then? They seem perfectly happy around him. It's only you who keeps going on about him being a git. He's not one. Infact he wants to be friends with you. It doesn't look like Scorpius is having any bad feelings towards you. So can't you try and get along with him?"

James waited for her to finish her rant and when she had, he couldn't help but feel lost for words. How could he come up with an arguement for what she'd said? Nevertheless, a question that had been pricking his mind finally came out and this time, it was Isis who was taken by surprise.

"How come you ran away from the library earlier on today when you saw Rose?"

He crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back a little, glad to be the one interrogating her this time.

"I...I don't like Rose."

"And why is that?"

Sighing, Isis muttered, "She's a little stuck up and bossy. It bothers me."

"Aha. Whatever enmity you feel towards Rose is the same I feel towards Scorpius. It's hard to put an end to it because whenever I'm around him, I just blow up in anger or frustration. Isn't that how you feel towards her?"

Isis gave an unwilling nod and James grinned, knowing she would ease up on him now.

"Well then, I'm pretty sure you understand why I don't like him now. If you want me to be friends with him, fine. But I can't guarantee it happening so very easily."

Isis sighed again and looked over the quidditch pitch. Most of the students watching had left and there was only one Gryffindor swerving around the pitch. She looked at James, a look of resignation across her face and muttered, "Alright, you win. Happy?"

"Very," he said with a grin. "If you're friend wtih Rose, I'll be friends with Scoripius. Okay?"

He held his hand out and she looked at it uneasily. Isis hated the beaver like face that crossed her mind, belonging to Rose. Nevertheless, this friendship meant something to her and she would try to preserve it. She shook his hand and smiled back at him.

"Come on, time for dinner."

He helped her up and they both walked off the Quidditch areas and towards the Great Hall.

"So how was your class with Slughorn?" He asked on the way, his tone now light and more happy.

"It went great. I'm doing 4th year stuff like you guys."

"That way, you can ask me for help. I'm better at Defense Against the Dark Arts but Potions isn't too difficult for me though it can be a pickle at times," he said with a sigh, wondering off to another time.

Isis smiled at him and they both walked into the Great Hall, towards Albus, Lily, Scorpius and Rose. Isis and James exchanged swift glances, both remembering the 'treaty' they'd made before joining the others. Isis forced a smile, as did James as they both greeted the others.

"Hello Rose," Isis whispered. Rose answered with a, "Good evening."

Similar greetings occured between Scorpius and Isis smiled to herself as she started having her meal. Maybe this arrangement wouldn't be bad at all.

The End

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