Chapter Fourteen - Did I?

Charms class went by quickly, a little too quickly actually, for Isis. She was getting tenser with every minute as she knew that at one moment or another soon to come, James would probably approach her. When Albus asked what had happened when she searched for James, Isis decided to keep quiet about it since she had come to realize that Albus had a ‘soft spot’ towards Rose. And it would be pointless to try to explain to him why she did not want to approach James when he was with Rose. Albus would only shoot back points that would be on her defense and arguing with Albus was not a priority of Isis.

As she walked back to the common room with Albus and Scorpius by her side, Isis thought she saw James behind one of the pillars as they left the Great Hall where they’d gone to have a few snacks. Their classes ended early today and there was still a lot of time before dinner started. Albus and Scorpius wanted to go back to the common room to hang out and Isis didn’t object. But when she saw James’ figure, she froze for a second. The next, there was no one and nothing where she’d seen him. Had it been her imagination? Or had he withdrawn when he saw Scorpius with her? Isis decided not to think too much about it as her head was already suffering a migraine.

After they entered the common room Albus, Isis and Scorpius lay back on the couches and started talking about things. But the conversation lacked from Isis and seeing this, Albus decided to retreat to his room, giving an excuse that he needed to find one of his books that he’d lost; thinking it may help her out to talk with Scorpius about everything. This was what happened when he left the room and left the two sitting in silence. Scorpius smiled at her and she gave a weak smile back.

“So, I’m guessing you and James aren’t yet on speaking terms?”

She sighed and laid her head back against the couch, staring at the ceiling.

“I don’t get why he hates you so much. Besides, even if he does, it shouldn’t matter if he really is my friend, you know?”

“Well that’s the thing. He hates me. It’s in his blood.”

Isis looked back at Scorpius and her head tilted to the right, her look curious, waiting for James to continue.

“My dad and their dad – Harry Potter – they never got along when they were here. So I guess when James sees me, he feels the same way,” Scorpius explained with a shrug. “Though I don’t get it when his other siblings don’t seem to have a problem with me.” Then his eyes went back to meet Isis and he continued, “I think you should talk with him. Be friends with him again. I’m a stupid reason to why you shouldn’t be. Think about it.”

He leaned over and ruffled Isis’ hair. “Besides, don’t you have a class to go to?”

Confused, I reached into my bag and looked at my schedule. “Shoot! I totally forgot. Okay then Scorp, I’ll see you at dinner.”

Giving him a quick hug, Isis rushed out the common room and raced out the hallways towards the Potions room. Once she was there, gasping for breath, she entered the room and found Professor Horace Slughorn smiling at her. “Ah Ms. Isis. Just on time aren’t you?” His eyes twinkled and he handed Isis a textbook – “Potions for 4thYears” – and told her to sit down on one of the empty chairs. The lesson went by quickly, and this time not because of Isis’ anxiety but because she enjoyed the lesson. Professor Slughorn was amazing and they created about two potions that Isis found challenging in the two hour period.

Isis was grinning widely when she finished the second potion and it was the perfect shade of color that it should be when made. Slughorn was beaming at his new student who performed startlingly well on her tasks and bade her goodnight with an enthusiastic, “I’ll see you Thursday evening”. He also mentioned something about a Slug Club but Isis didn’t know much about it but was pondering as she walked through the deserted halls. Most of the classes had finished and many students were probably having dinner. Just as she was making her way towards the Great Hall, she stopped when she saw a few students playing Quidditch out on the field, their robes billowing in the air by the speed at which they moved. Curious, Isis made her way towards the pitch and found some Gryffindors practicing and like a few other people, she sat down on one of the aisles and watched them, the wind blowing back her hair. It was quite relaxing as she watched them play. The night was beautiful and the sun was far below the horizon; the moon now reigning the night.

She sighed, smiling to herself but her smile froze in place when she heard a familiar voice.

“May I join you?”

The End

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