Chapter Thirteen - Empty-handed Conscience

Turn back Isis. You’re making the biggest mistake in your life.

Isis bit her lower lip, her blue orbs swerving back from Rose to James then Rose to James all over again. She knew that if she wanted to go and speak to James that would mean having another futile argument with little-Ms. Rabbit herself.

What do you have to gain from this anyway? It’s not like James is going to pay any attention since he’s real busy now. And he probably hates your guts. What do you have to lose?

Frustrated, she decided to leave. It wasn’t like he was going to disappear into thin air. She could talk to him tomorrow. Just as she put her hand on the wooden grasp of the library door, she heard the librarian call her.

“Oh, Ms. Isis. You haven’t returned an overdue book of yours. I’ve already issued three notices and I expect you to return it by tomorrow. Understand?”

Grimacing, Isis turned around slowly; secretly hoping that the two people she most dreaded to get attention from in this room had not heard anything the librarian had just said. But as she turned her back to the door and her eyes looked straight forward, she noticed James looking directly at her his face expressionless while Rose glared at her with narrow eyes.

“Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, yes,” she turned around to look at the small pudgy woman in front of her and muttered, “I’ll bring it in sometime tomorrow.”

Then she decided to leave the library once again but she was halted once more by the same person who she was starting to find a little annoying.

“Ms. Isis, I might also take this opportunity to remind you. The library is meant for specific purposes of research, study, and developing your knowledge of the magic world. So if you’d like to race in here sounding breathless and walking back out, that would mean that you’re not on your best behavior.”

Isis glared at the librarian. This woman wasn’t going to let her go was she?

“This is not your playground to prance upon. So if you come here please –”

“I never said it was,” Isis snapped at the grumpy old woman in front of her.

“Then perhaps, were you looking for someone?”

Her eyes flickered to James and by the sudden awareness in his eyes, she knew he’d been listening to the whole conversation and knew why she had come by now. Turning her attention back to the librarian, she shook her head no and muttered, “It’s a pointless visit.”

Then without a second thought and knowing that even if the cranky librarian called her back now she wouldn’t return, Isis walked out the library. And for the faintest moment she thought she heard James voice call her name. But deciding it was nothing more than her imagination as she walked toward Charms class.

The End

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