Chapter Twelve - Searching For Him

After an hour of swerving around the quidditch pitch and enjoying her time in the sky, Isis returned her broomstick to her room and joined Albus and Scorpius on their way to double Herbology.

"So what did you do in your free time?" Scorpius asked as they headed to Greenhouse three.

"Just whizzed about the Quidditch pitch. I really love the feeling of being airborne. But I got interrupted by-what's her name again?-oh yeah, Rose Weasley."

"You met Rose? That's great!"

Isis looked at the suddenly beaming Albus with an eyebrow raised. "You know her?"

"How can I not? We're childhood friends. Besides my parents and theirs were best friends in their schooling years at Hogwarts."

"Oh," Isis said, suddenly feeling disheartened. Why should I care if that rabbit is friends with Albus? It doesn't matter!

"Why? Do you not like her?" Albus asked as they headed toward their classmates grouped around the greenhouse.

"No, we just aren't on good speaking terms, that's all."

Isis left it at that and Albus didn't open his mouth again to pry on what happened. Besides, she didn't look like she was going to say much more.


The Great Hall was filled with students as Isis entered it alongside her friends. They took their usual seats, next to Lily but this time joined by Scorpius. James was no where in sight and this only made Isis feel worse.

Maybe I should just go! What are you thinking? It's his fault! He's the one who started it!

Isis continued arguing with herself in her head while she ate slowly. Finally, she came to a conclusion. This is stupid and immature. Just go to talk to him and get things sorted out and be friends again.

With a small sigh, Isis stood up with curious looks from Albus, Lily and Scorpius.

"I want to get things sorted out with James," she said.

"Great. Who knows what's going to happen now," Scorpius muttered under his breath.

Isis glared at him and decided not to argue and looked around at the other tables. James must be somewhere around here, he couldn't have had lunch that fast. When her eyes did not find him, she decided to look around the other parts of the school and find him.

Leaving her friends, she first headed for the Quidditch pitch, when she arrived, she noticed that a couple of the Hufflepuffs were shooting hoops. No Gryffindor was in sight. She looked through all other places she could think of, asking one of her Gryffindor friends to check the common room and even desperate enough to sneak into the boys bathroom. But with no sucess, she returned to the Great Hall feeling slightly dejected.

That's when an idea clicked in her head. What if he's in the library? It's possible! He might have some essay to write or something!

Isis tore past the people in the hallways towards the library. When she arrived, she was gasping for breath and her heart pounding in her chest. She had only a few minutes before Charms class and she had to sort things out before then.

She recieved an odd look from the librarian an she entered and looked past the stack of books to try and find James. That's when she saw him, sitting on a table with a quill in his hand and a book in front of him.

You're a genius Isis!

Smiling, she approached him but froze when she noticed who he was with.

Rose Weasley.

The End

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