Chapter Eleven - Rose Weasley

Isis sighed as she stepped out onto the quidditch patch. The grass was wet and the wind cool as she walked through, looking up at the big circular loops high above her. A small smile crept up her face and she muttered a spell under her breath. The result? Her broom speeding toward her outstreched hand through the corridors of the school.

With a grin and a fast beating heart, she mounted it and zoomed up into the sky, the wind pushing back her silky hair as she flew around the pitch, feeling free. She longed to be part of the beautiful creatures who enjoyed the sky. Without a worry in the world, they flew; free and gracefully.

"Oi you!"

Isis looked around, who was that? Her eyes flickered to the ground several feet below her and saw a small bush of reddish-brown hair. Who in the world is that? With a mental shrug for an answer, she descended to the ground and hopped off her broom and looked at the girl in front of her.

She had her hands on her hips and was the same height as Isis. The frown on her face was directed toward Isis who had no idea what bad thing she had done to deserve it. Her reddish brown hair was bushy and the girl reminded Isis of a rabbit.

"What do you think you're doing?" The girl asked in a stern voice reminding Isis a lot of Proffessor McGonagall.

"Uhh..." She looked quizzical and then said, "Flying?"

The girl rolled her brown eyes in frustration and sighed like she was wasting her time.

"I can see that, I'm not blind. But why were you flying? Aren't you supposed to be in class?"

Isis didn't really feel the need to tell this girl who sounds like a know-it-all about her Potions situation and all about her new time table. So she saved it and just snapped at the girl before mounting her broom and zooming off into the air again.

"That is none of your business!"

The cool breeze felt nice against her face but she felt a bit guilty inside, she'd been a bit rude to the girl but hey, the rabbit was putting it's nose in someone else's territory! That's rude too! Stop it Isis! You're acting so immature! Just go down and apologise already! You don't need someone else breathing down your back now, other then James that is.

Ignoring the pang that she felt at the thought of James, with a reluctant sigh she slowly flew back down, matching the intense gaze of the girl.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't on my best behaviour but I couldn't help it. You were just prying a little into my business. I'm Isis."

She hopped off her broom for the second time and stuck out her hand. After what seemed like a long time, the girl reached her hand out too and shook Isis'.

"I'm Rose Weasley."

They both smiled a bit at each other, both of their smiles a bit forced.

"So what were you doing up their anyways?"

With a sigh almost as if to say to-think-she'd-change, Isis muttered, "I have free period so I decided to use my time a little wisely."

"Using your time wisely would be to go to the library and use books filled with knowledge to finish assignments. Not Quidditch."

A nerve twitched as Isis felt a bit irritated.

"Look, that's you not me. Besides, Quidditch is fun and I like it. I might not be a girl completely engrossed in books but I have my interests alright?"

Rose looked a little taken a back but after a short while she nodded curtly and stalked off without another word. Turning her back on her, Isis stepped off the ground again while muttering uner her breath, "Ugh, what a waste of precious flying time."

The End

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