Chapter Nine - Visiting The 'Principals' Office

Fuming, Isis stomped out the Great Hall.

"What's his problem anyways? I can be friend with whoever I want to be friends with! James has no right to show me who's cool and who's not," she hissed under her breath.

Having no idea where she was headed, she kept walking, muttering words that got even more and more harsh with each second before walking straight into a teacher. She didn't even apologise as she stepped past them and kept walking before being called back with a loud cough.

Isis turned around, her face slightly annoyed, to see a tall, pale woman. She reminded her of a raven. At once, realizing that the woman must be a proffessor, she approached her, apologising.

"I'm so sorry Proffessor, I hadn't seen where I was going and I didn't know it was you so I, umm, am sorry!"

The woman assesed Isis for a few moments with her dull blue eyes, unlike Isis' sparkly ones.

"You must be Isis , yes?"

She nodded.

"Headmistress wants to see you, follow me."

Isis quietly walked behind the tall woman, feeling very concious of herself around her. Making sure her hair was not messed up and that she was 'neat', she headed into the room. Proffesor McGonagall nodded sternly at the woman behind Isis who left the room afterwards.

"Sit down," the Proffessor said, beckoning at the seat in front of her well organized desk.

Once Isis made her comfortable, Proffessor McGonagall started speaking.

"Isis, I'm happy to tell you that you passed the exam."

Isis looked up in awe and happiness into the proffessor's smiling face.

"You did well in all your tests, excelling past most students that are in third year at the moment. I don't normally admit this but I am a bit awed at the fact that you were able to catch up and almost pass the level of Hogwarts education by self study. And now, I'd like you to do something for me, a small test of my own."

Proffessor pushed the goblet towards Isis so it was right in front of her in the desk.

"Transfiguration is one of the most complex and toughest magic to perform. I'd like to see if you could transfigure this into a mouse."

Nothing more had to be said and within two second, was a squeaking mouse running across the desk. McGonagall eyes sparkled and her mouth pulled into a wide smile.

"Well done! I'm proud of you Is-"

"Proffessor?" A new voice interrupted. Isis turned around to see her Herbology teacher, Longbottom was it, peering from the door.

"Fred's created a bit of a ruckus in the boys bathroom. If you don't mind-"

McGonagall sighed before excusing herself from Isis and moving out the room.

"He takes after the Weasley brothers," she muttered on the way.

But Isis barely heard that. Her eyes were fixed upon an interesting man among many of the portraits hung up in the room. Behind his spectacles, were sparkling blue eyes, just like hers and he had a long flowing, starlight white beard. Cautiously, she got up and slowly approached the portrait. The old man was smiling at Isis and before she knew it, he was speaking.

"Isis, my dear, I'm feeling bad as to not have been alive to see a brilliant student like you."

She felt her cheeks flame up, hearing this. She knew who this was, having read so many books about him. She'd always wanted to meet him and now was happy that he lived on through a painting.

"Proffessor Dumbledore?"

He nodded, smiling happily.

"A pleasure to meet you proffessor."

She almost extended her hand out to shake his before noticing that he wasn't physically in front of her. The old man grinned at her, a childish look crossing his face.

"Pleasure's mine. But really, it is quite sad that I'm not there to teach you Isis. You seem like such a good student. You are the new Slytherin yes?"

Isis nodded, biting her lower lip. "Sir...I don't think I belong in Slytherin. I mean...I'm not like any of them and I didn't know how to conjure a snake. Even Proffessor Flitwick was wondering why I was in Slytherin. I don't think I fit in there."

Dumbledore smiled warmly at her.

"How do you know my dear? Times have changed and Slytherin is not the house it used to be. No one knows better where you're supposed to be other then yourself. The Sorting Hat is more like a guide. It does not choose for you. You can choose the house you belong to yourself. It did for one other."

Isis continued listening to Dumbledore as he advised her.

"Right now, you might not know who you are Isis. You might not know your heritage. But in there, you do know where you belong, whether or not you're alone."

The door opened and Isis turned around to see Proffessor McGonagall entering the room with a tall red haired boy who seemed to be in his sixth or seventh year. He flashed Isis a grin before sitting down on the chair.

"Isis, I think it's time you go." Proffessor McGonagall called to her.

Bading farewell to Dumbledore, she left the room, glancing one more time at the boy who watched her with a peak of curiousity in his eyes. Closing the door behind her, and having forgotten everything that had happened between herself and James, she smiled, thinking back to the conversation she'd had with Dumbledore.

It had been refreshing and now, she was having an urge to figure out where she really was from. She'd never known and she was determined to find out.

The End

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