Chapter Seven - Time For C.O.W To Moo!

Isis woke up the next morning, feeling confident. I'll do perfectly fine. I know I will. I've always been studying and making sure to be knowledgable for my age. I will pass!

Nevertheless, she coudn't help but feel a tad bit nervous. What if I screw up in certain bits of the exam? What if they ask me to do some spell that I haven't even heard of? That would be very, very bad.

She dressed quickly, ignoring the groans of the girls around her when she pushed past them, accidentaly making one of them trip.

"Sorry," she muttered, trying to help the small girl up who scowled, shrugging her off.

Shrugging, Isis jogged down the hallways, searching for the History Of Magic classroom. There were only five minutes till eight and Isis had no idea where she was. I really should have thought this out before setting out.

With a huff of disappointment, she turned around, deciding to head to the Great Hall to search for a teacher when she bumped into someone familiar.

"Isis, what are you doing here instead of having breakfast?"

"I need to get to the History Of Magic Class, right now!"

Scorpius Malfoy softly took hold of her hand. "Come on then."

They raced down the hallways, ignoring the strange looks that they recieved from the few students that were not having breakfast.

"Okay, we're here," Scorpius muttered, skidding to a stop in front of a classroom.

"Thanks a bunch!" Isis breathed, panting, before hugging Scorpius quickly and stepping into the classroom, not noticing the shocked expression on her friend's face.

"Ms. Isis!"

Isis looked down to see a short fellow smiling up at her with sparkling blue eyes.

"You're late."

"Oh yes, I'm very sorry about that. I couldn't find the room and-"

"Not at all! Not at all! I'm glad young Scorpius was able to guide you here. I was afraid you might be lost." He squeaked. "I'm Proffessor Fillius Flitwick and I'm your Charms proffesor. I'm excited as to see what you are capable of my dear, so shall we start the test?"

Isis nodded. You're dead; no you'll do fine! Here we go.


Isis had easily finished her papers that she had to write for Astronomy and a History Of Magic. Having a sharp memory and remembering everything she'd taught herself, she knew she had done well.

She had also visited the GreenHouse and met Proffessor Longbottom who gave her a small test on Herbology, asking her to identify certain plants and types of fungi. Isis was able to name every one of them.

After that, she met Proffessor Horace Slughorn for Potions who asked her to make Devils Snare, Gillyweed and as a small bonus Felix Felicis. As Isis had made the first two with ease, she was feeling sure of herself when she started preparing Felix Felicis.

"Oho, she's up for a challenge this one."

Isis had always taken interest in experimenting. She remembered gathering up so much supplies at home to use to make potions. And Felix Felicis was one of them.

"Here you go," she handed the proffessor the small vial of golden potion as he looked at her with speculation. "You're only third year! And you were able to make an advanced potion! I'm impressed Ms. Isis!" She grinned in response. "I might scoot you up to an advanced class, maybe with the fourth and fifth years. No, we could have individual classes! Just you and I!"

The old man was full with ideas for Isis. But first, she had one more test to go through. Time for her to pull out her wand.

"Proffessor Bastern is unavailable right now so I will be conducting the test. Ms. Isis, I will ask you to form a series of spells. That will be all."

Sounded simple but might not be easy. With a look of determination on her face, Isis readied herself.

"The Summoning Charm if you may?"

"Accio Goblet!"

A golden, empty goblet flew into Isis' hand as she smiled at Flitwick.

"Very well, perform the Engorgement Charm on this toad."

So came more and more requests, all of which Isis was able to fullfill. Ranging from 'Lumos!', the light on the tip of her wand to appear, to 'Finite Incantatem!', to negate the Disarming Spell that Flitwick had attacked her with.

But there was only one spell left, and that one spell, Isis was clueless about.

"This is required as you're a Slytherin, but personally I don't think it is needed, but Ms. Isis, if you may, please conjure a serpent."

"Pardon me?" Isis asked, thinking she'd heard it wrong.

"Conjure a serpent Ms. Isis."

She blinked stupidly at him. "I-uhh..." Racking her brains for the spell, she confused herself further.

"I don't know Proffessor..." She said finally.

He chuckled. "Ah, I have not the slightest idea why you're in Slytherin then. It's Serpentortia."

She looked down at the ground, feeling a bit disappointed in herself.

"But, that is alright. You've done very well. I'm sure Proffessor McGonagall will be proud."

A huge smile found a way to her face,  hearing this. I did it! Even though she had not heard the results quite yet, she knew she would be accepted into Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft ad Wizardry.

The End

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