Is this Goodbye?

You told me you don't feel the same way anymore. I was crushed, but what else should I do? You asked me if I was angry. I told you, I wasn't and asked why would I be in the first place. I don't know if you believed me but dammit okay, it would be really stupid if you believed that I wasn't atleast upset or something.

Because when you say you don't feel the same way anymore to the girl who still loves you, and can't focus on her future because she just doesn't know what will happen without you in it, it definitely makes her upset. Sad. Crushed. Devastated.

When I woke up this morning, I still loved you. Right now, I still love you, well yeah because you just told me how the heartbreaking news over an hour ago but I'll try me best to move on.

Even if I'm upset though, I hope none of this affect our friendship. Because I still really do miss you. Even if we don't do all of that slight couple stuff anymore, I hope we can still be as we were before.

I hope this isn't goodbye, because you've changed a part of my life now and I hope you're still in it for a long while. 

The End

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