Is it worth anything?

14 years old. Alone. What is there left to lose? My life drained away. Faded into darkness. Just like everything else is slowly doing. I can't cope with this anymore. The loss of everything closest to my heart. Only a few of us remain. But for how much longer?
Ava Velicura is fourteen years old, and wields an odd power over light. Which makes her immune to the darkness which is slowly swallowing the earth. And her friends. Is this it? Is it worth anything to try and save them. Or are they doome

Is this even worth it? Every time we try, all we do is fail. One by one. We lose them. I don't think I can cope with much more of this. Kris says I shouldn't give up. But I see no other option. I know that no matter how hard I try, it will all prove useless in the end. That in the end, all I will be.. Is useless.

"Ava." Kris placed his tanned hand gently on his friends shoulder. "We can't save everyone." His voice was soft, gentle, forgiving.

"Aparently, we can't save anyone actually." Ava's voice was the opposite. Cold, angry, dark and in a way, scared.

"Ava, listen to me. We will help them." He span her round to face him. His eyes drifted to follow the awkward glance of hers. She was staring at the place where Eve had been absorbed into the darkness. He sighed heavily. "Ava!" He shouted at her, shaking her shoulders. Her ivory eyes jumped awake and flickered to him before dropping to the floor. "Look at me." He said quietly.

"Why?" She responded dryly, her voice merely a whisper.

"Because I'm telling you to." He said sternly. As unwilling as she was, Ava looked up at him. Her frozen eyes looking into his ocean blue eyes. "You can't lose hope Ava. We just need to get stronger, better at this."

"Better at saving our friends?" She laughed emptily. "How screwed up do you want to sound?"

"Your impossible." He mumbled as she shrugged him off. "But I won't give up on you. Not yet."

"Yet." She echoed.

The End

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