Firm FiascoMature

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Becky's mind could only process one word.

"What's going on?  You look like you've seen a ghost," Shannon looked at her friend, not knowing that she had signed Becky's L.A. life on a death warrant.

"I need a drink," said Becky, finally putting down the cell.

A few hours later, Shannon and Becky were sat on the couches, drinking strong cosmopolitans in Shannon's crystal cocktail glasses with the radio playing softly in the background. Shannon had opened some windows (to get rid of the Twig's stench) and a gentle breeze was coming in with the dusk of day.

"So now I have to go to New York and it could be permanent," finished Becky, tears misting her kohl rimmed eyes. Just the thought of leaving the apartment she had worked so hard for and all those guys she hadn't had the chance to fuck. Including Michael.

"Jeez hun, I'm sorry. Me and my big mouth, if I hadn't have called you, you would still be in work and have been able to save your job here. Damn it, I'm just unlucky through and through for me and other people," Shannon drank a full glass of Cosmo in one go.

"Trust me darling, this would have happened anyway thanks to those middle aged bores I work with. Do you know, the whole lot of them are married with children yet everyone of them has made a pass at me at one time or another," Becky didn't tell Shannon that those passes had ended up with either a quick grope in the copy room or a fast fuck in her office. Shannon knew Becky too well.

"What am I going to do without you?" Shannon mused, thinking about how quickly unwanted Fiances From Hell would reappear to plague her life with Becky out the way. "Wait a minute! I gotta idea!"

"What? If you can find a good solution out this mess you tell me pronto," another cosmopolitan was poured into Becky's glass.

"You like shopping, New York has the most designer stores and fantastic shoes, you like clubbing, sister New York has the hottest places to be, and the men I don't even have to mention. Hot, hot, hot," Shannon was leaning forward in her excitement, a gleaming smile on her face and her glass clutched tightly in her hand.

"That sounds all good and promising but there are good stores here, good nightlife and fantastic men to fuck all here on my doorstep," Becky wasn't getting why Shannon had perked up so much, so quickly.

"Well, you're thinking of being in New York on your own. But I seem to know someone who is ready for a change, long due infact, who would love to accompany you in this new adventure," Shannon's aqua blue eyes were shining with excitement.

"Who?" Becky was intrigued with the thought of someone there who was also new to New York but she wasn't twigging Shannon's train of thought.

"ME! It would be perfect! I don't want to stay here because let's face it, why would I want to sleep in the same room where He was sleeping around in? I can always find a good job with a magazine and plus you've helped me often enough, I want to return the favour," Shannon hoped Becky would rethink her resentment of the move. When Becky had told her, it had sounded like luck was back on her side, a way out of the life she'd been drawn to here. And in all truth, Shannon was scared that if she stayed here, she would want the one person bad for her.

"You know Doll, I think you're onto something!!!! But you are going to have your own place aren't you?" Becky had lived by herself for too many years to have someone else join her now.

"Definately. Besides, with all the partying we'll be doing, and the men we'll be pulling, one apartment no matter how spacious will seem cramped," the smile was back.

"I like your way of thinking! OK let's do it. I'll tell Michael first thing in the morning I'm the gal for the job  and hopefully get a good mouthfull!" As Shannon's eyebrow arched upwards in realization, Becky smiled. She'd call it a parting gift...

The End

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