It's All In The CosmoMature

When the cab finally pulled up infront of the apartment block, Becky had recieved several frantic messages off Shannon telling her that the Fiance From Hell was standing outside the toilet door and saying things that she had wanted to hear before she caught his ass pumping iron into another woman's pussy.



To each of the texts, which had followed in the same style as the others, Becky simply replyed that Shannon had caught him in bed with someone else and how could she possibly trust him after this.

Becky pulled $50 out of her Gucci purse and threw them at the cab driver. The cabbie looked on as Becky shimmied over to the door and lifted her cosmetically perfected derriere out of the vehicle. She slammed the door, put her clutch under her arm and stalked off towards the front door. Unfortunately the door was locked and only a buzz system could get you in. Becky supposed that if she buzzed for Shannon, the Fiance From Hell would be all over her before Becky finished the stairs. Nope that wouldn't do. She pulled her Blackberry out of her clutch and dialled Shannon's cell.

"B...B...Becky? Are you here?" Becky could hear Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' playing in the background.

"I'm here darling I just need the code so I can get myself in."

"0106 please hurry."

She clattered up the stairs and looked around in distate. Why couldn't Shannon have found an  apartment block with a nice doorman and an elevator? This looked like a retirement complex. Becky smoothed out her Chanel pencil skirt and fluffed her hair. She was a strong woman and man was she about to do business.

Her bracelets jangled together as she hammered on the door. Once, twice, three times.

"Chris, you better let me in you FUCKER! If you don't I'm gunna come to tell everyone at every party what a low life scumbag you are. You'll never get another good lay in L.A. again!" Becky wasn't stupid, she knew that Chris had probably been cheating on her friend from the start and the only thing that could terrify him was rejection from every good slut in the city.

The door opened an inch. Chris's sweaty face poked around the door and timid eyes stared at her.

"It was the first time I've ever done this..." he started.

"BULLSHIT! Stop lying and let me in. Why don't you take that miserable excuse for a cock and find a motel to stay in? NOW," Becky needed him out so she could be sure Shannon wasn't tempted.

Chris looked at her, a terrified expression on his face. She banged her hand on the door and he jumped back at least half a mile. As the door swung open, Becky walked upto Chris and slapped him across the face.

"That is on behalf of my friend!" SLAP. "That is on behalf of every other girl you have ever lied to and fucked!" SLAP. "And that is because I just plain don't like you!"

With Chris holding his bright red cheeks, Becky spun around and went to the toilet.

"Shannon, huni. I'm here. Chris is just packing his things, he'll be gone momentarily. What do you say, I change the music, get rid of your sheets and mix us up some Cosmopolitans?"Becky was sure this would help her friend find the courage to face singledom again.

Half an hour later, Becky shut the door on Chris, made the Cosmos and went to banish the smell of sex. Shannon had decided on taking a shower to calm herself down. As Becky got to stripping the bed, her cell starting to vibrate.

"Becky Jones."

"Becky, it's Michael." Michael was Becky's boss at the PR firm. He was diligent, smart, rich and hot.

"Michael? Is there something wrong?"

"No. No. Well maybe. You see, I've just been told I have to send one of my best PR executives to our New York Office. And when I called for a meeting with everyone it turns out you have gone home. How is the family emergency by the way?" His deep voice purred down the phone and made Becky's mind go hazy.

"But Michael, you can't be seriously be wanting moi to go to New York?" Becky had been wanting to fuck Michael since the day he gave her the job.

"I don't but the other executives are sat in my office and they don't want to go either. They are all pushing for you to go."

"But how long would it be in New York?" Becky knew she would have to pull every womanly wile out of her box to stay. All the other executives were men and they would all band together. Sure they liked having the eye candy in the office but it didn't matter how much business she brought in, she just wasn't taken seriously.

"It's indefinate Bex. Expenses are met, a suitable place to live is found for you but it could become permanent. I need to know how much I need you and trust you. I mean, come on, you've gone home in the middle of the day for a family emergency."

"I have! It's my mother, she's ... fallen down the stairs and needs me here, I hope you don't mind?" A convincing line Becky thought, one good enough to keep her in L.A.

She shouldn't have been so cocky.

"ARE THE COSMOPOLITANS DONE BEX? I NEED TO GET SERIOUSLY DRUNK!" Shannon was stood at the door, wrapped in a white towel with water dripping from her hair.

"We'll talk about this tomorrow morning Becky. I wouldn't want to keep you from your Cosmos. And by the way, the guys had better arguments so it will be pretty much definate you will be chosen to head our New York office. Congratulations." The cell clicked off. Becky stood there, motionless, looking with a horrified expression at Shannon. The cell was still at her ear.

"Shit," was all she could manage.

The End

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