Faith, Trust and PixieDustMature

"Shannon? What's up honey?" Becky was shocked to hear the quaver in Shannon's voice.

"Chris has been cheating on me and I've just caught him at it with a girl from!" With that, Shannon burst into tears. "I'm sat in the to...toil...toilet and I've told hi...hi...him to get out but I n...n...need you!"

"Stay in the toilet! Don't listen to a word he says the lying bastard! I'll be there ASAP!" Becky clicked off the phone, grabbed her Dior clutch and stepped out of her plush PR office.

"I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off now Marie, can you keep a note of any important calls and tell everyone I had a family emergency to attend to!" Becky informed her assistant and secretary. Shannon may not be blood but she was nearly there. She was a Cosmpolitan sister.

Becky stood on the pavement and hailed a taxi. "Maple House on Lynx Road as quick as you can!" She sat back on the worn leather and thought about her life. She had the great job and the great apartment but no significant other. She was fully aware of her colleagues getting married and having kids. It wasn't helping that the company had started having an annual family day where there was a huge party for all the workers and their families. Everyone had to attend even if they were alone.

Becky kept contemplating this until the taxi pulled up outside the apartment block ten minutes later.

The End

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