Is It Love?... Or Lust?Mature

Shannon and her best friend Becky have just moved to New York City after disastrous relationships. They like to go out partying and meet nice guys...if they can find them. Shannon gets a job in a television company and gets promoted to Host where she talks about her latest shenanigans on the streets of NY and any advice she has for women.
Basically I loved the idea of Sex and the City and I want this story to have the funny moments of Samantha and the romantic moments of Mr. Big and Carrie.

A piercing scream echoed down the hallway. The neighbours heard yells, thuds and slapping noises. They thought they had it bad. In truth, it was a lot worse for the young woman who had just walked into her apartment in Maple House, Lynx Road.

Shannon Jenson was a twenty two year old television executive with a fabulous apartment and a gorgeous fiance to boot. She had long blonde hair, a perma-tan (she only went for the beach-glow look) and waxed from here to Tennessee. Her body was to look immaculate as always for her One True Love. She had taken the afternoon off to cook a romantic meal for her man in time for him finishing work. She hadn't looked at the red BMW parked at the side of her parking spot even though it glistened like rubies in the L.A. sun. She had unlocked her mailbox at the front door of the apartment block and taken out the takeaway menus, assorted bills and the catalogues she subscribed to. As she made her way up the stairs she swung her Chanel tote and help onto the polished mahogany banister. Walking towards 30A she clip clopped across the hallway in her sparkly blue Jimmy Choos. She was feeling amazing.

Who knew one click of the door lock could send her into a panic? It was disengaged. Had someone broke in? What if the burglar was in there now?  Or what if she had forgotten to lock it after she left? She twisted the doorknob and opened the door quietly. Peeping around the door, she surveyed the livingroom. Elegantly styled with long leather couches and minimalist style, it was the epiphany of two souls collided. She took off her shoes and tiptoed to the door at the right of the living room. That was her bedroom. And also the room where Chris kept his baseball bat. That should come in handy in case of a burglar. The door was slightly ajar. Shannon was sure she had shut the door as normal that morning. Chris always left for the gym at 7am before work.

A piercing scream echoed down the hallway. What sight flooded Shannon's eyes took her with so much disgust and loathing, she nearly vomited on her laminated flooring. On the bed, writhing about, was Chris and a curly haired woman. The woman's makeup was smeared all over her face, her nail polish was chipping and her legs were looking almost like a sheep. At the sound of the scream, the clinching couple broke apart and Chris looked horrified as the woman pulled the (EXPENSIVE) bedsheets around her scrawny frame.

"Honey, please let me explain!" said Chris, throwing in arms forward in Shannon's direction. He lumbered off the bed and tried to hug her. He wasn't even ashamed that the only thing he had on his body was another woman's scent.

"Don't you come near me! You lying, cheating scumbag! All I have done for you and you repay me by sleeping with a fleabag?" Screamed Shannon, clawing her way away from him.

"I'm no fleabag bitch!" Called the Twig With No Appeal.

That was a bad idea. Shannon's shocked brain had only been able to function on minority mode and that had been focussed on Chris. She spun around and glared at the Twig With No Appeal with contempt. She rushed forward and grabbed her hair. She wanted her out of the apartment and NOW!

"Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Get the fuck out of my apartment and stay the hell away from my man!" With fury blazing in her eyes, she grabbed the woman's clothes and chucked them into the hallway. "Oh, and I want my sheets back too BITCH!" She spun the girl round into the hallway whilst at the same time grabbing her sheets. Because of the commotion, all the neighbours on the floor had opened their doors and were watching the fiasco unravel. As the Twig With No Appeal was flung into the hallway,fully naked, several loud tuts were heard and a lot of door closing. If it wasn't decent looking flesh on show it wasn't worth watching.

The door closed on the Twig With No Appeal, Shannon rounded on the now dressed Fiance From Hell. He stood shaking in the kitchen not even looking her in the face.

"Out with it! Now! I want to know who she is, how long it's been going on, where you met her and all of those idiotic excuses you're dying to blurt out. Now! You have five minutes before I tell you to pack your bags!" And calmly, she hoisted herself up onto the kitchen counter and shut up.

"I swear it''s the first time! She's the new girl at work and....she's been coming onto me. I know I've hurt you but it was a stupid mistake and I love you and we're engaged! Your mother would be so upset if we broke up..." That last statement was a bad idea and he only realised it when the words had faltered out of his mouth.

"DO NOT BRING MY MOTHER INTO THIS! SHE WILL HEAR WHAT A LYING, CHEATING BASTARD YOU ARE AND FOR THAT MATTER WE ARE OVER! PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET OUT NNNNNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!" Shannon hopped off the counter, red in the face with rage, grabbed the binliners from out the counter drawer and slung them at Chris. When he didn't move immediately, she pushed him.

Chris looked at her once more. As he gazed at her with those soft blue eyes, she felt her heart constrict in pain. She had worshipped this man to find him worshipping in another temple. A temple from way way downtown. She didn't know where this strength was coming from to get him out and she didn't know how long it would last. She had to get him packing and get some reserves.

"Shannon..." Chris tried one last time. He had become over confident in his cheating ways but he was sure he wanted Shannon as his trophy wife.

"Pack Chris. And get out." Shannon pointed in the direction of the bedroom for his belongings. He shuffled away halfheartedly, naively thinking she would stop this nonsense and forgive him. As he walked away, Shannon grabbed her mobile.

"Hi huni, what can I do for ya?" Sang the sweet voice of her best friend Becky.

"I need you to come over here now! It's an emergency!" Shannon felt her voice begin to quaver.

The End

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