Paulo was like having chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce and one, or perhaps two flakes. He was my guilty guilty pleasure.

I met Paulo in a bar in Kavos whilst on holiday with my girlfriends, after chatting on a hammock surrounded my cheap illuminous palm trees for what seemed like ever, we kissed. Alot.
He wasn't the best looking guy in the world, but he was muscley and he had eyes that were deeper than sound. The kind you could sort of, dive into and feel like you could drown.
A few of my friends couldnt really understand what I saw in his jutted jaw and his cauliflower ears. They couldn't understand that when we kissed I got goosebumps all over my sunburnt skin. They couldn't understand why I laughed at his loutish ladish behaviour, nor could they understand why we could sit for hours talking, giggling and stroking each other.
We exchanged telephone numbers and as soon as we both landed safely back in the UK the text banter flew between us, at first it was tame cute messages like, "Hey bbe, hope your okay, peeling yet? I'll come aftersun you up next weekend! xxx!" And after that the messages got dirtier and saucier. To the point where I would blush when my Nokia beeped out it's standard text message recieved noise.
When I met up with Paulo in a local posh bar, The dragon. His face dropped when I smiled and waved excitedly. Unnerved I sashayed up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Hey you!" I squirmed as he edged further round the cool white leather sofa making room for me.
"Hello Del," Paulo was suddenly extremely formal and almost cold in his voice.
There was a silence as I decided weather or not to sit down or wander up to the bar to buy my own drink. I was still very attracted to Paulo, and I couldn't understand his sudden cold attitude. 
I was definatley dressed to impress in my backless bright blue number, me and several friends had argued and debated from about 3pm deciding on what I should wear for the evenings encounter. 
"What you drinkin'?" Paulo broke my train of thought, presuming that he was going up to the bar to get me my drink I slipped behing the glass table with as much elegance and calm as I could muster.
"Just a Jack Daniels and Coke, no ice! Thanks." I smiled politely as Paulo shuffled about in his seat and retreaved his wallet, he pulled out of his "Bad Mother Fucker" (Pulp Fiction style) wallet and tossed an old well fingered dirty fiver on the prestine glass table and I was suddenly very embarressed.
"Okay, well if you're having that, I'll have a Fosters," He nodded toward the fiver, "I don't know what that'll get you."
Blushing I snatched the disgusting five pound note off the table and weazeled my way through the crowd to get to the bar.
I shoved the fiver into my clutch and used my platinum card to get the drinks in, I opted for a double seeing as it looked like I was going to have a fun night. 
Head down drinks in hand I walked back through the hustle and bustle of the crowd to wear Paulo was sat. I glanced up at him and his eyes were furiously darting around the room of suited men and glamouress women. He was very uncomfortable in the "beautiful people" surroundings I had arranged to meet him at. 
I wasn't far from the table when I felt my heel snap beneathe me, it was completely unlucky that my favourite electric blue shoes would break on my first english date with Paulo.
It was like slow motion and I suddenly felt like I was in a rom-com, First the drinks glugged up inside there glass on my first stumble and managed to wet my dress in a most unattractive position, next my right leg sort of folded beneathe me and my left leg shot out straight infront of my sliding on the wet floor.
I saw Paulo smile, still sat down, before my eyes were covered with my curly red hair. Then I felt the floor hit my hip and heard the glasses smash. I stayed on the floor for what felt like an eternity.
There was a silence followed by a buzz of "Is she okay?'s" and "What happened?" "Did you see that?" This was shortly followed by giggles and then it seemed like everyone had moved on.
I pushed my hair out of my face and looked up to see Paulo still sat on the comfortable leather sofa, still smiling and he now looked much much more at ease.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" I felt a hand on my naked back, very embarressed I shrugged it off and laughed.
"Yes, fine, gosh how embarressing, Sorry to disturb your night, Thank you"
There was a deep laugh from the "are-you-alright-man" as he pulled me to my feet, I looked down at my dress realising I had Jack daniels, no ice, and coke all over my crotch on my dress.
I felt my face burn up.
"Always this clumsy are you?" The "are-you-alright-man" said with a smiling voice.
I eventually made eye contact with him, he was a gorgeous suited man with a pretty smile and no wedding ring.
I wearily turned my head to the still grinning Paulo.
"I'm Jacob," He put his hand out toward me. I looked at it like he had just pulled a rabbit out of his hat.
Was this man really hitting on me when he can see I'm blatently in love with a man sat about two feet away.
"I... I'm... I have to go." I turned to Paulo again, who was still smiling, I was starting to think that he might be mentally retarded.
"Of course," Jacob stepped out of my way, letting me slowly limp toward Paulo.
"You are funny babe." Paulo kissed my bright red cheek sloppily. And I  suddenly wasn't bothered by my wet crotch and the fact that we didn't have any drinks. I was still slightly annoyed my heel had snapped off my shoes. But I suppose it serves me right for getting most of my clothes from Primark.
"Lets get out of here," Paulo nuzzled into my ear, "Get you out of your damp clothes."
I suddenly felt a ping of electricity and I was desperate for him to be inside me and holding me again. I grabbed my bag and was standing before I knew it.
As we were guilty wandering out of The Dragon, the same hand touched my naked shoulder, pulling me back with slight force.
I turned round to see the gorgeous, yet obviously quite arrogant man, who had pulled me to my feet.
His cheeky smile made me feel annoyed and some what flustered and when he passed me my electric blue heel with his number scrawled on the back I was furious. Who was this man to ruin shoes that could of easily been fixed?
Who did he think he was to grab me when I was blatently leaving to have sex with a man I was in love with?
I gave him a little sarcastic grin and snatched the heel from his open palm.
I then continued to shuffle outside to where Paulo was waiting, on his phone, he had his back to me and didnt realise I was already outside.

"Babe, I'll be home tomorrow morning first thing, listen, listen, listen to me.... Sweetheart, I have to visit my uncle. You know why, Why don't you trust me? It's nothing to do with Kavos. I promise. I love you. We get married next month baby, why would I jepordise that? Do you love me?... Do you know that I love you...? Well then! Silly Bunny. I love you Catherine. Night babes. Sweet dreams!"
I felt the fury of this Jacob charecter and the fury that I had told all my friends that Paulo was definatley "The one". After spending hours on my hair make-up and thinking up rude and interesting text messages. I had ruined my dress, Jacob had ruined my shoes and Paulo had broken my heart.
Fair enough, it had been a three week affair with a man I didn't really know. But it had been intense and it had been wonderful, and regardless of advice from my friends I had fallen head over heels in love. The three kisses at the end of each text message had definatley meant something.
As the door opened again letting out a couple of glamouress drunk young couples the flurry of noise made Paulo turn around.
He smiled, and obviously didnt feel guilty, he grabbed my hand and I let him.
"I love you Adele, I've never felt like this about anyone before, you make my heart do silly little spasms."  His eyes were wide and eager as he squeezed my hand. I felt my heart jump into my mouth and everything that he had just said was almost irrelivant.
"You... you love me?" I said in a tiny voice, which in retrospect obviously screamed desperation.
"Yes Adele, I don't know what's come over me, I'm not usually like this, I've been hurt in the past, I'm usually smarter than this, but I've fallen for you, dead bad." In the summer heat his words smothered me and enveloped me in a beautiful safety net where nothing else mattered.
I was an idiot. But I was in love, so it jusitfied it, I thought.
The morning after Paulo was gone, I woke at 9, and all there was next to me in bed was the scent of sex and cheap aftershave. I suddenly felt very sick.
As I recalled last night and him pumping away with little quiet moans and growling I love you I love you I love you's into my matted hair.
Paulo text me for the next few days all very romantic, for him.
I decided not to go to work for two days and stayed in my Pajamas crying and eating five day old humous.
When Paulo called after not being in contact with him for a week, he asked if he could see me again that night. I weakly agreed, we met in a quiet oriental restaurant which didn't have many customers. I realised I was his dirty secret and it no longer turned me on.
"What's wrong babe?" Paulo sleazed all over me as soon as we were seated (furthest away from the window.)
"Hmm? Oh you know, this and that." I was dazed and ridiculous and I knew I was, even having to agreed to meet him made me feel needy and pathetic.
"Oh babe, you shouldn't worry about having sex on a first proper date. We have a connection. I'm still here aren't I?" He smiled and stroked my hand across the lino clad table.
Paulo took out his wallet keys and phone and placed them in a neat line on the table.
"Sorry babes, I really need to drop the kids off from the pool, excuse me ten minutes will ya??" He pushed his chair back and walked toward the toilet, as soon as the bathroom door had shut.
I grabbed his phone, I don't know what possessed me to do it.
But I went straight into his phone book and pressed call when I got to "Cath"
"Hello goooooorgeous" A female voice oozed from the phone. And I paused, frozen. I should of withheld the number. I should of thought about what to say. I shouldn't of even done this.
"Hi Catherine." My voice crackled and there was a gasp on the other end of the phone,
"Who is this? Why have you got Paul's phone?" She sounded panicked.
"I'm Adele, I'm with Paul now, in The Orient Bouquet, you know the restaurant down by that nice shoe shop just off main street, he's just gone to the loo, he told me he loved me, but I know you were intending on getting married to him, and i know that you deserve to know, because that's not fair, not really is it, I don't know what to say, I'm sorry? I didn't know about you until the other night, I feel terrible I've only met up with him again to confront him, but I thought it would be best if you knew you know? I'm sorry. It's just... I don't know what else to say, I'm sorry."
Silence, followed by three beeps indicating that she had hung up.
Paulo came back from the loo and I was a nervous wreck. I made my excuses after ordering left twenty pound on the table and left the restaurant.
And that was the last I ever heard of Paulo, the first man I ever loved. The first man who ever told me he loved me.
And then of course.... There was Jacob.

The End

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