Lace Varion

nothing really planned more of an idea in my head that prompted me

Lace stood thier holding the greatsword in one hand while picking something that had been lodged in his teeth since this morning. Blood was dripping from his blade and just five meters stood an oppenent who was struggling to keep his calm as he watched his oppenent clearly disregard him as a challenge. Normally a warrior of his caliber would call this boy a greenhorn but in truth Lace was skilled, talented possibly eveny a prodigy sent by the gods, but their he was non chalantly picking away at his teeth in mid battle, not paying attention, not focused, not aware not even trying to take him down. 

"You bastard!" The man screamed his hands shaking, he charged at lace who in the last few seconds managed to deflect the attack and side step his charge. Two hands on the blade for a brief moment his eyes shined with the focus and eagerness of battle before dulling to back to disinterest as his oppenent struggled to keep his balance.

"You act like a beginer, a child. Yet your reflex's and your movements their that of a great warrior. The stuff you hear legends about. It irritating, I can't stand here and let someone like you simply ignore me or give me that bored expression it fills my heart with a million fires. I will challenge you Lace Varion." Ready yourself.

Lace lowered his sword, his nose itched, and this guy was getting all preachy. It was boring, if this guy babbled less and fought more maybe he wouldn't be so bored. "If that's the case stop your prattling face me, fight me. Stop keeping your distance show me that you want to cut me down. Show me with your sword, if you don't you will never challenge me." Lace replied his sword still lowered as he was charged , once again in an instant he sidestepped and deflected, and went for the kill. Except he miss the the blade of his greatsword dragged along the steal blade of a concealed dragger. A spark ignited as Lace stepped back and slashed again meeting yet another perry.  The dagger came at Lace but it wasn't enough as he jumped and managed to kick it out of his hand before making a second slash that put his oppenent on his heels. 

"Dammit!" The man cursed, he was putting in hi best effort but the careless unaware warrior was still untouchable and even though he managed to block he felt that Lace was hardly tiring he wasn't even out of breath. As he stood there incapable of willing the last of his strength to survive. Lace backed off for a moment.

"I'm getting bored. I will give you this one last time to back off, and if you don't I cannot promise your survival."

The End

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