Tiring day.Mature

"Wake up. It's seven." 


"I'm gonna throw water on you. Wake up before I do that. I'm pretty sure you don't want cold water on you at seven in the morning." Mom said. 

"URGH. Mom, can't you just let me sleep? I almost groaned. "Kate, you have to go to school. Wake up." 

"No I don't have to. I don't want to go today." I said, a little annoyed.

 "Are you sure?" Mom asked. 

"Yeah." And suddenly i remembered that I had something important to tell my friends. "No, no, wait. I'm getting up."  

"Okay, hurry up." 
I immediately got up. Ouch, that was a bad idea, I thought. My whole body ached because I'd talked to Zack for almost the whole night and slept at like five. But that pain just reminded me of our talk the last night and it made me smile. I went to the washroom, brushed my teeth, changed into my crappy uniform which was a yellow shirt and white pants. And no, I'm not talking about the good kind of yellow. I'm talking about the "omg-that's-too-bright-eww" kind of yellow.  I mean, why would you make your students wear a freakin' yellow shirt? It looked as if we were going to work in some restaurant, instead of school. I got out of the washroom and just started combing my hair when my mom came in. 

"Are you ready?" Mom asked.

 "Yeah mom, almost."

 "Look at you. There are dark circles under your eyes. You look like you haven't slept for days." Mom said, worried. 

"Oh? I didn't notice."

 "When did you sleep last night?" Mom asked, concerned. 

"Umm..I don't remember. I guess eleven." I lied. If I told her I slept at five..God. I didn't even want to think about that. My parents were very strict about some things. And one of them was sleeping on time. When I was young, they made me and my brother sleep at nine. SHARP nine. Not a minute less. Not a minute more. Literally. But as we got older, they let us sleep a bit late. Not two-three kind of late but ten-eleven kind of late. According to them, sleep was the most important thing a person needed. And well, they were right. 
My mom asked me if I wanted to have breakfast and I told her no. To which she mumbled something that sounded like "I shouldn't have even asked," and left. I didn't like having breakfast. It made me puke. Even the idea of eating something right after waking up did exactly the same. 

I quickly finished combing my hair, pulled it into a high, tight ponytail and picked up my phone. I texted Zack that I was going to school and I'd text him after I come home, and put my phone in a drawer. Then I grabbed my watch from my dresser and put it on. 

I went into the kitchen where all my siblings were waiting for me since , what I guessed, a long time as they all had their angry faces on. This was not something new. This happened almost everyday. No matter how early I slept at night, I just couldn't wake up this damn early in the morning. This was one of the reasons I hated going to school.

My school was at a walking distance from my house. So we walked to and from school every day. I didn't like walking to school, though. Everyone came in their cars and here I was, walking. The worst was going to school in summers. Too much traffic, too much noise, too much sunlight, and too much heat. 

We got out and all of us handed our bags to our guard, who walked us to school and picked us up, except my older brother. I had a feeling that we were late, as usual, but I still risked a glance towards my watch. Shit. Three minutes to eight. I'll have to get a late slip again. Urgh. I'll have to listen to Mr. Anderson's taunts again. He already hated me enough and I just gave him more reasons. We hurried to school and I rushed to the second floor where my class was. Luckily, Mr. Anderson was not in the corridor and I remembered that my first class was English and my english teacher, Mrs. Quinn, was pretty chill so I just went directly into class. The class hadn't yet started though. Everyone was just talking to each other and to Mrs. Quinn. I went to my seat which was next to my favourite best friend, Ashley. 

Friends? Didn't ever really have any true friends before grade 10. I did have like a few but I knew they bitched about me behind my back. All because they were just "too cool" to be my friends. They just needed someone to hang out with when no one else was there. But well, atleast I made some good friends in grade 10.  Serena, Ammarah, and Ashley. I loved them a lot. They were like my sisters. I couldn't choose any one of them because they were equal to me. Agreed, I did hang out more with Serena and Ashley. Serena because she bunked classes with me and Ashley because she was in my section. And we even sat together and talked about all the random shit, fangirled over actors, understood each other, bitched about people who we didn't like. And it was so awesome how she hated the exact same people I hated. Ammarah was the innocent too-good-for-our-shit kind of girl. I loved her equally. Though I had to be careful about what I talked with her. Only because I wanted her to respect me as much as I respected her. But oh my, she was a babe. The most straightforward girl I had ever met. The most honest, too. These three bitches made a whole year of high school tolerable for me. I wonder what I'd had done without them. 
Mrs. Quinn told us to take out The Great Gatsby, the novel in our course. I really liked the story. It was interesting. Agreed, I never really read it that properly, but when I did read, it got all my attention. That day, though, all my attention was on Ashley and Sam. Sam was sitting two rows away from me. He didn't even look at me once which made me realize that I'd hurt him pretty badly. 

I was a bit nervous to tell Ashley about Zack. Not because she didn't like Zack or anything. But because she might tell me what I knew already but didn't want to hear. That this was wrong, breaking up and getting in a relationship with someone else two days later. 
Okay Kate, lets do this.

"Ashley, I have to tell you something." I said finally. 

"Yeah?" She smiled.

"I broke up with Sam." 

"Really?" She said immediately and a bit loud. Mrs. Quinn told us to stop talking and pay attention to what she was reading. 

"Yes." I whispered. 

"You know what? I'm so happy that you did."

 "Omg. Seriously?" I asked, clearly surprised. 

"Yes! I hated when you got into a relationship with him. I mean, he's nice and all but he's not, you know, the boyfriend material. And mostly, your friendship would have gotten ruined."

 "Yeah, that's what I told him. But I guess its already ruined now."

"Aww, don't worry. It'll be fine."

"Yeah, I hope so." 

"Don't lose hope." She said, encouragingly.

 "I need to tell you something else too." The hard part now. Gosh, I was nervous. 

"Go on."

"I umm.." 

"What? Tell me already."

 "I got into a relationship with Zack." I blurred out. 

"REALLY? Aww. That's so good."

"You're not mad?" I asked, surprised yet again. 

"No stupid, why would I be mad?"

 "I don't know, I thought you wouldn't like it."

 "I'm gonna kick your ass for even thinking that." She frowned. 

"Okay, I'm sorry."

 "Haha, it's okay. I'm just so happy for you. I knew you liked him."

 "Yeah, I really like him. When I got into a relationship with Sam, I used to think that we'll break up if not soon, then a year later and all. I never saw a future with him."

"You see a future with Zack, right? Like you know that you want him in your life even after a year?"

 "Yeaah. Exactly that." I smiled. Ashley was always good at understanding me, which made us so close. 

"I.WANT.ALL.THE.DETAILS." Ashley said, excited. 

"Okay, okay patience." So I told her everything. From the texts to the call. Everything. 

In break, I told Serena and Ammarah about Zack. Ammarah didn't say much. But then again, she never really said much about this kinda stuff. Serena told me that she was very happy for me too, but I'd hurt Sam too, and she didn't like that. I told her that I understood but there was no point in being with someone when you don't even love them or don't even want a future with them. To which, she just nodded. 

That day, I only got to meet Serena and Ammarah in break and at home time, as we didn't have any free classes. So I talked about Zack with Ashley. We talked about how hot he was. And how sweet he was. How cute he was. And I went on and on about him. Ashley wanted me to show her a picture of Zack which I promised that I'll show her someday. 
We had double math classes on every monday, which sucked. There were two reasons for that. First, I HATE math. I never understood math since Grade 9. And second, I absolutely HATED our Maths teacher, Mr. Jeff. He was the "no-bullshit" type teacher who took life a bit too seriously. Who would tell the old man to take it easy, 'cause you only live once. The day went by slowly. A little too slowly. I was missing Zack so much. I wanted to talk to him so bad. 

Sam ignored me for almost the whole day. Nor did I try to talk to him. I knew it was my fault, but he didn't have to show me that much attitude. It hurt, to be honest. Not that I was to say, as I had hurt him more. But he was my bestfriend and he should've understood. 

After what felt like ages, it was four and time to go home. I quickly packed my bag, said goodbye to my friends, and left for home. I was so tired. It had been a hectic day. But I was so ready for going to tuition. I would get to see Zack there. 

I reached home and went to my room straight. I took out my phone, switched it on, and checked my messages. There were like five texts from Zack which made me smile. In all of them Zack had said that he was missing me and was waiting for me to come home. 
I texted him that I was home and we talked on texting for like an hour, during which I changed my clothes, had lunch, watched tv. Then it was time to go to tuition and so I said goodbye to him and told him I'll see him in academy, though we never really talked except for that one time. 

I packed my bag and left for tuition which was also at a walking distance so I walked. I had a Maths class first which was always kinda boring because Zack came to the academy after my Maths class when he had a Maths class. Did I mention that he was two years older than me? And was my senior?

During my Maths class, me and Waliha asked our teacher if we could go drink water. He gave us permission which was surprising as me and Waliha made that excuse like everyday just to go out. I had to see Zack whereas she just accompanied me. She had this (I know I shouldn't say this) ugly, weird boyfriend with whom, I personally thought, she wasn't serious. She just seemed so much into other guys. 

We walked out of class, and went to the cooler of water. We were just pretending to drink water, when Zack came in the academy. Oh God, how can someone be so hot? 
He was wearing a black shirt and a black trouser. His clothes made him look even taller and thinner. He was already tall enough, like a good four-five inches taller than me. And he wasn't the too-thin-to-look-good thin but he was just the right amount of thin which looks good on guys. Neither too skinny nor too fat. His hair were all messed up, not in the ugly way but in the super sexy way. His eyes looked even more hazel in sunlight. 

He passed us but just before going out of sight, he looked towards me and gave me his oh-so-sexy half smile, and my legs started shaking right there and I went to some other world. Waliha shook me and started laughing. 


 "You're so in love." 

"No I'm not." I lied. 

"Oh? Then what was that?" She joked.

"Let's go. I don't want to get scolded." I said, embarrassed. 

"Omg, you're blushing." She said, still laughing. 

"Shut up and let's go." 

After half an hour, our class ended. I rushed out of my class, dragging Waliha along, just to get a glimpse of Zack. Zack and his friends, whom I hated so much, were in the class where they always were before their class started. All of them loved music, and mostly, loved to sing. Two of them played guitar there everyday and the rest used to sing, not caring that the classes were going on. I used to stand outside and listen almost everyday. They were pretty good. But I hated one of the guitarist. He was short and had curly, black hair in addition to the creepiest smile ever. And believe me, he was the most annoying person one can ever meet. His name was Mason. He studied in Zack's class in academy and in school. 
The rest were just fine. In fact, one of them, Matt, was my friend. How he became my friend was another stupid thing I did just to talk to Zack. Two days after I saw Zack, I asked my friend, Zeina, to find out Zack's name so I could add him on Facebook. She asked a girl (whose name I don't remember and who was in Zack's class) about him. She told us that his name was Zack but she said that she didn't know anything else about him, not even his last name. Me and Zeina went to the office and while the receptionist was away, we quickly checked the file which had all the student's information, but unfortunately, we didn't find anything. 

An idea popped in my mind and I asked Zeina if she could add Zack's friend, Ashton, on Facebook and ask him about Zack or we could find Zack in his friendlist. She agreed. But before we could do any of that, Ashton, being an asshole, insulted Zeina and made fun of how chubby she was. They had a big fight and I felt horrible because I was the reason she added him in the first place. Anyhow, then I added Matt so I could find Zack in his friendlist. And luckily I did, when he accepted my friend request. I immediately sent Zack a friend request and sent him a message saying "hi." In all this, me and Matt became very good friends. We used to talk about random stuff but mostly about Zack. I had told him that I liked Zack and he teased me about it. 

After my maths class, i had a physics class. I was noting down what the teacher was writing on the board when I got a text. Thinking that it was from Zack, I checked my phone. It wasn't from Zack. It was from Matt. And I was surprised with what he had texted me. He had said "I love you." What the hell? Hadn't I already broken one person's heart? Wasn't that enough? Not this now. I wanted to be as sweet as possible, so I don't hurt him. So I texted him:                                                                                                                                           "And you had to say that when I said I love you too to Zack? :p"                                            He immediately texted back. "Yeah."                                                                                           "Haha, stupid Matty" I replied. I just joked it off, so I don't hurt him. He was like a brother to me and I really wanted to keep it that way. Not only because I liked Zack. But also because I didn't feel that way about him. 

After three hours of taking classes, looking at Zack, talking to friends, I went home. I had dinner, studied a bit, and went to bed. I was just about to fall asleep when Zack called. 
"Hey." I immediately picked up. 

"Hello, beautiful." He said, which made me smile.

 "I'm not beautiful." I said, and I was sure I was blushing. 

"Oh please, have you looked at yourself? You're the most prettiest thing alive."


"Yeah. You looked so pretty today."

"Aww, thank you. You looked good too."

 "I always look good." He laughed. "Haha, sure sure." And we talked all night, just like yesterday.

The End

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