Green-Eyed Boy

Life. Wasn’t it a wonderful thing? To be able to breathe, to speak, to eat. Just hearing birdsong in the mornings, waking up. I revelled in the normality of everyday activities, and wandering around the house, readjusting myself to my new setting. I had a bit of trouble with the new inventions, such as the thin box that was laid on the desk, and the big black box in the living room. They seemed pointless – pretty nonetheless, but they didn’t anything as such.

                I figured the longer I looked at them, the more accustomed I would become to the strange oddities of my new landscape. I glanced over to the mirror, smirking at the shirt I had draped over the top half of the glass. To others, it would look as though I was simply lazy, not bothering to lay my things out neatly and put them back in my wardrobe. It got rid of him. That was all I was worrying about.

“Liam!?” Liam, there you are sweetie! Everything’s sorted now, so we can finally get back to our normal lives! Get you back to school, and sort out my job arrangements.”

I turned round to his mother.

“...Liam? You look...different – there’s something strange about your appearance... Have you gone out to the town yet? Cut your hair or something?”

“No...” I answered back in Liam’s voice.

“Hmmm...well ok then, I’ll just go and unpack my things.”

As she began to leave the bedroom, she turned back round.

“Your eyes... I thought they were blue?”




We carried on living in this house – I went to school and begun to pick up on everything I had missed out on. I finally managed to figure out the laptop and I even hacked into his facebook! Whatever that was...

As for the stayed still and silent, the surface never flickered and I never saw the real Liam again.

                Apart from the occasional flash of blue when I was all alone.





The End

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