I refused to look behind me.

I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth slowly and deliberately, trying to ignore everything that I could hear through the house- pipes clanking, contracting in the cool of the night; the wooden doors doing the same as I listened, my ears trained to acknowledge the sound.

Mum had gone into the city for the night, having a meeting at short-notice, something about the will and a sudden finding that meant something for my inheritance... I hadn't listened, really – inheriting money really didn't matter to me, I was only seventeen, still at school.

It meant I was left alone. On my own in the house. On Halloween.

I shuddered at the thought.

Halloween. Alone.

I swallowed and carried on brushing, biting my lip and ducking my head to spit in the basin. I ran the water without straightening up, watching the froth disappear down the drain.

I straightened up and felt a lump in my throat as I looked in the mirror. Cringing, grimacing, I turned and looked behind me, laughing aloud as I shook my head.

Had I honestly expected to see a face in the mirror?

Was I that stupid?

Obviously I was, because I stood stock still and felt my lips buzz in a horrible, shrill laugh. Rubbing my eyes, I crossed to the shower and made a split second decision to run the water and scrub down, furious about my pathetic fears and the fact that they weren't subsiding as I went along.

Fifteen minutes later, I stepped from the rush of spray and turned it off, pulling a towel around myself and sweeping a hand through my hair so it stood on end.

I glanced at the mirror, steamed up almost all the way, sighed and blinked twice as I stared at the falling drops of water, sliding down the pane.

"What. The. Hell-"

I must have been hallucinating. A smiley face. Three lines creating eyes and a mouth across the reflective glass. It took a stream of profanities and unintelligible half-screams to get my body to move and react.

I practically launched forward, and, screaming at whatever was doing this to leave me alone and get the hell out. I threw my hands at the mirror and swept my palms across the cold glass, letting out a yell as the cleared condensation revealed quite possibly my greatest fear.

A Face.

A Human Face.

I let out a yell and threw myself from the room, sprinting down the hallway, still holding my towel around my waist, and throwing myself into my room, slamming my door behind me and scrabbling around on my desk for the key. Picking it up, I slipped it into the lock and turned it, backing away from the door and nearly falling on my bed.

I breathed in and out, trying to calm myself down. First things first, I needed clothes.

The End

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