The Calendar

“Liam! Broken something already? For goodness sake, please watch what you’re doing…”

How do you tell your mum that no, it wasn’t actually you, but that it was an imaginary ghost?

“Once you’ve finished breaking everything, can you come downstairs and help me with lunch? I need you to find those dishes, the blue ones with the silver flowers, and can you…”

Her voice distorted as the echoes mingled, and intertwined into a blur of intelligible syllables of varying pitches. Well, the message was clear enough. Don’t break anything (not that it was me) and come downstairs.

I emptied the rest of my box, I hung up my Arsenal calendar, a gift from a well meaning uncle ( I support Chelsea), I set down my laptop on my desk, and I attempted to make my bed. I opened the window to let some air into my rather musty room, smelling of Aunt Patricia’s perfume mixed with a cupboard full of strange exotic spices. And by exotic, I mean disgusting.

The wind blows violently into my room, and the window slams shut.

I jumped, and spun round to look at the window. Nothing. A strong wind? Perhaps. I take a deep breath and count to five, telling myself to relax. It’s crazy what an old house can do to you…playing on your nerves, your imagination going wild with thoughts of all those creepy horror movies that you really shouldn’t have watched.

The calendar lay on the floor.


I picked it up, and coincidentally, it landed on October. This month. Today was the 27th, an otherwise meaningless date. It’s funny isn’t it, when you think of dates. Tuesday the 19th, Saturday 5th. They don’t really mean a thing, the days go by without anything spectacular happening, same old, same old. Unless it’s your birthday, or a particular date like December the 25th… Or a particular date like October the 31st. I hang the calendar back up, and take a final look around my room. It’s as good as it’s gonna get! Not that she’ll be pleased with the result…

Something red catches the corner of my eye. I turn around. 

A blood red line was scored through the little box of ‘October 31st’.

It wasn’t there before…was it?

The End

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