Chapter 43Mature

Sparrow wanted to go out and fight. Or whatever they were doing outside. Being stuck inside with the ships shaman healer was less than ideal especially when Sparrow found this guy to be in particularly depressing to be with.

“I’m going to leave.” She said, pushing herself up from the table.

“Suit yourself.” Davrou grunted. Sparrow noticed that he seemed a little more fidgety than normal.

“You’re not going to stop me after what just happened?”

“I’m not fixing you up again, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Sparrow scrunched up her nose and stuck her tongue out at him.

“No one wants you fixing anyone up a second time.” She said as she slipped in a coat. “The first time around is traumatizing enough.”

She giggled at her own insult and slipped out of the room before she could hear a response. A blast of wind hit her and Sparrow stumbled aside before righting herself up in the sporadic weather. She was still weak from her incident - her hands still shook and her legs weak, but she wanted to help. Sitting around was always the worst.

As she arrived, her noticed a broken blade on the ground and near it, Arcebus crawling away. The intruder stood with a huge sword in her hands.

“Who are you?” Sparrow demanded in a singsong voice rushing forward and practically tripping on herself in the process. “Someone looking to get killed or a friend to join the party?”

Her question was received with by a pair of glaring cold eyes. “Do not taunt me young one.”

“Ohhh we’ve got a feisty one here!” Sparrow jeered, doubling over in bout of giggles, trying to buy some time for everyone, especially Arcebus.

“Sparrow, don’t.” Sparrow looked over at Lee who gave her a concerned stare. She was being too reckless. She might get herself killed.

“Psh.” Sparrow muttered. “People who fight with big swords are always so boring. For example, just look at Simon...”

Realizing what she had just said, the girl quickly covered her mouth with a look of guilt on her face.

“Oops. Did I just say that out loud?”

“This is not a place for child’s play. Take your immature taunts somewhere else.” The intruder said with a wave. The corner of Sparrow’s left eye twitched as she looked up at the woman who had intruded onto the ship. The look of annoyance in her eyes slowly turned into full blown anger.

“What did you just call me?” She shrieked, eyes wide and fuming. Her hands gripped tightly around the daggers in her belt, shaking as she whipped them out. “I am no child!”

With a shout she leapt forward, but before she could get far, a pair of big hands and strong arms wrapped around, her dragging her back. She flailed about, tripping on feet and whatever, sending both of them crumbling to the ground.

“Lee let go of me!” Sparrow moaned, struggling to get out of his grasp.

“You’re going to get yourself killed!” He hissed.

“I can take care of myself! You’ve never seen me fight. How would you know?”

“Did you see what she did to Arcebus?”

“No. So what?”

The tall intruder tapped her foot impatiently, her hand gripping tightly around her sword.

“Take your lovers spat to the underworld to sort out.” She glared at the two, raising her sword as she approached. Both of them froze. Lovers spat? Where did that come from? Sparrow took advantage of the moment and broke free of Lee’s loosening grasp, tossing herself at the woman with a warcry.

“Go to hell you little bitch!” She cried, clawing at the lady’s face with her hands, the sudden attack obviously having caught her off guard. “I’m not in love with anyone!”

The End

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