Chapter 41Mature

Davrou dipped the swordpoint down and away from the gunman. The new weapon had good weight and a comfortable swing it was well preserved for a decades old grave marker.

Davrou looked over his shoulder into the darkness behind him, uncertain of his sanity as he replayed the last encounter in his mind. The monstrous wolf’s pursuit had been endless undeterred by the half dozen knives Davrou through his way, each missing its target regardless of how true Davrou felt his aim. It skirting the edges of Davrou’s vision toying with him, visible only in silhouette by the glow of white. Davrou had run in desperation as he heard the heavy growl draw close but tripped over an unknown obstruction. He jumped up to his feet quickly spinning to keep the creature insight before it pounce. The glint of a familiar cross shape came into existence before the wolf. Davrou’s hand reached out in instinct pulling the object free with great effort. The echoing scratch of steel scraping angrily against rock was sound melodically to him. The darkness made it hard to discern its condition but now He could fight. Davrou crouched low conjuring a throwing knife dripping with poison into his left, the sword at the ready in his right, waiting for the creature to draw close. Silence was all he received, no more growling or howls, its outline no longer apparent, nor did he sense of its gaze, the beast vanish as quickly as it appeared. After an eternity of waiting he slowly moved following the path he was chased down in hope of finding a way out. Looking over his shoulder expecting an open maw lunging at his throat became a repetitive tick in that short time. As his mind calmed, without sign of his pursuer. The possibility of madness rung in his thoughts until this talkative gunman and irritated salamander called his attention.

“What is that doing here” Davrou asked pointing at the fiery Amphibian.

Lee Shrugged “No Idea”

Davrou held some relief in the knowledge that he was not hallucinating, at least not now. .

“For once we might actually agree on something,” the witch doctor replied. “Now, what are we going to do with our find?”

“Take it with us of course,” Lee said with a shrug. “I like the little guy.” Davrou stared at Lee in disbelief.

“You want to take a large lizard who can burst into flames and spit globs of fiery mucus back to the ship with us,” he deadpanned. Lee nodded.

 “Why do such pointless work when we can just kill it now and take the oil it has for ourselves?”

“Because, my dear doc, if we keep it alive, then we can get more oil later on,” Lee explained. “If we’re going to be on the move all the time, access to getting the oil is going to be pretty rare, and I know we both use it. I’d rather get to have oil later.” Davrou scowled again, it was sound logic but they could harvest a large quantity from the creature already with taking such risks.

"And What’s to keep the creature from turning the ship in to an inferno accidentally? He asked the overexcited gunslinger

“Something nonflammable say some metal, then we'll be fine. Come on, doc. Think of the possibilities!"

Davrou shook his head in defeat, "It appears that everyone in this crew is touched with a lack of common sense" he said to himself tearing a hole into his sleeve to reveal a secret stash of grey powder.

Lee shrugged. "We've made it this far without dying, so there must be some method to the madness." He looked at the grey powder. "What the hell's that supposed to do?"

Carefully cupping a hand full of water, he mixed in the powder. “To help me out of bad situation but in this case it should help put our friend to sleep."  He explained throwing the grey mix onto the embers creating a thick smoke and startling the creature enough to combust a fiery shield around itself charring the stone wall it pressed along  as it hissed, careful to keep its injured foreleg raised. "You'd do well to cover your mouth and nose

Lee nodded and used his arm to cover his mouth and nostrils. He watched as the salamander's hiss slowly softened as its head began to droop. Soon the salamander was knocked out. As soon as the smoke dissipated, Lee uncovered his face. "Sweet. Now how do we get him out of here?"

Regardless of the outcome Davrou would have like to cause the creature as little stress and discomfort as possible, whether it be ending its life quickly or patching it leg but he had not his tool, It will have to wait until they returned.

"Up to you, gunman, Id prefer to take what we need and be done with it, But I can wait for the Captain to reject your idea before I cut it open as well." Davrou said examining the creature, it flames dissipated

"Ugh, fine, fine. I'll carry him myself," Lee mumbled. "Hold this." He gave Davrou the torch and holstered his gun. He then jumped over the spring and landed by the sleeping salamander. "Man, this thing's heavier than it looks," he said as he lifted the beast onto his back.

"Careful not to move too quickly" Davrou advised helping lift the creatures tail to avoid it further injury.

"Got it, doc," Lee replied. "Now let's follow this stream back out of here. You've got another patient who needs your attention again on the ship."

Once they reached the ship Davrou made for the sickbay leaving the task of sneaking their find on board to the mercenary.

Sparrow still laid on the bed her coloring now a more rosy flush then the pale blue she had when she arrived. Touching her forehead He relaxed, Shavaza’s description had given him some concern, but she was only slightly warm now. He picked a small black container a red pouch and a small jar from a desk cabinet pouring out ground herb to mix with a simple sweet sap then dong the same with a fine red powder keeping the two medicines separate.

A hurried set of foot step came through the door as he finished the blends

“How is she?” The Mercenary asked coming to his side

“Well, she should be coming to, soon.” As if to prove his point She began to stir stretching her arms before turning to her side.

“Where is your pet?” Davrou asked wrapping the second mixture and slipping it into his pocket.

Lee eyes lingered on sparrow before he registered the question.

“In the storage compartment with my bike, should be metallic enough to keep it from turning us into a fireball, right?” he asked grinning

Davrou picked up a small pouch or surgical tools rolling his at the man’s optimism.

“Here, have her eat this when she wakes its keep her fever from returning.” He said handing him the sap and herbs mash.

“And where are you going, you just got back.” Lee complained

Davrou show him the instrument pouch

“ I’d rather patch up your new friend before he wakes and surrounds itself in flames."




The End

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