Chapter 37Mature


So this was snow.

Sparrow stared at the vast expanse of whiteness that gathered in masses in such a bitter cold land and her mind blanked for a moment. So much powdery coldness. So innocent looking and so simple, yet it chilled her so heavily to the bone.

A heavy gust of wind howled against her, sending her already frozen body into heavy fits of shivers. Her teeth chatter heavily as she looked around the glistening world.

“I’m cold.” She finally managed to say, her tongue almost frozen stiff.

Sparrow had never been in the cold before. Not at least some place this cold. Galvinda was never colder than a day with freezing rain. It was never really warm either, but snow was foreign to the city and Sparrow had never experienced cold enough that would keep her fingers from responding.

She rubbed her blue fingers and breathed out a frosty breath as she stumbled forward in the snow, slowly realizing that this whiteness was probably killing her. She shouldn’t have ever so rashly ran down into the snow. Now she was turning blue because of it.

Blue. That’s funny.

Sparrow giggled at the fact that she was turning blue. She wondered what she looked like, but moments later, another gust of wind knocked her over and she couldn’t crawl back up again. So there she laid, frozen stiff, so frozen in fact that a smile was literally frozen into her face.

“You look cold.”

Green eyes. It was those green eyes again.

Sparrow wanted to respond, but the only thing she could manage was a flutter of her eyes. What was his name again? After that encounter, Sparrow had inquired about him and learned of his name, which was escaping her mind at the moment.




It was Lee.

She could feel his hand touch her hand and draw back in shock, a sudden look of concern on his face.

“You’re freezing.” He waved his hand in front of her and when she didn’t respond, he looked even more concerned. “Are you ok?”

“Cold.” Sparrow finally managed to gasp before her eyes slid shut and she could no longer keep them open. She tried to picture what she looked like - a ravishing blue beauty, curled up in the snow, long eye lashes feathered with flakes of white. If only she were wearing a white billowing dress of some sort. That would certainly add to the scene much better than the hideous woolen overcoat she wore.

Moments later, she felt something wrap around her and big arms pick her up.

“Let’s get you out of here.” Lee had taken off whatever he had been wearing on the outside, wrapped it around her. Sparrow could feel the residue heat from the coat quickly disperse. She really must be as cold as an ice cube.

She wanted to protest. She wanted to say that she would be fine, and that he was going to catch a cold, but that was her being stubborn. Deep down, Sparrow was glad that someone had found her.

As Lee brought her back up to the warmth of the ship, she wondered if she would get sick from this.

She still wanted to see herself blue.

The End

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