Chapter 32Mature

The take off of the Asterius had been... interesting, to say the least. Simon had thought the engine too loud at first, only he didn't think of it as he talked to Rayna. As soon as the Iron Viking retired to her own room, though, Simon heard all he needed to. 

Years of working on airships had trained his hearing - well, his boss at the time had taught him most of the sounds - to be able to detect what was wrong. From the distinctive squealing and the rumbling sound coming from below, Simon knew the take off had pulled part of the engine free of it's hold. That wasn't something that could stop the ship, but if the engine came free, then it could disconnect entirely. Airship engines were weird like that. 

Simon rushed down to the engine room to fasten the thing back down. He may have survived that crash a while back, but if the Asterius went down hit would be on land. That.... would be more difficult to walk away from. At least with water he just had a bad taste in his mouth and a veil of bruises. Loket guide him. 

As it turned out, the engine was entirely free of it's holding rails, yet didn't move much at all. In fact, it was vibrating as if the screws had just been loosened. No, no time to think. SImon rushed to where an emergency toolkit had been put and started fastening down the engine for the third time since he came aboard. there was only so much these outdated materials could do, of course, but that would be solved later. Were those runes glowing on the engine?

'Bloody engineer...' Simon cursed mentally. He had no prints or design layouts for this airship. He had had to figure it out the old fashioned way; by looking at everything. What made matters worse was these cursed Valhallan runes! In Everglen, they never used the unstable things. 

Yet the Asterius was covered in them!

It was nightfall by the time Simon had checked over the rest of the airship and made what seemed like a thousand repairs. The age had really messed with the Asterius. It would be a magnificent ship if he could get fresh materials and two weeks to work, but for now it barely flew as well as a standard cargo ship. And that was putting it nicely.

"Are we finally stable?"

Simon nodded without looking at Arcebus coming up. The ex-military man was looking better than when he came on here, but Simon had just gotten dirtier. He wasn't even wearing his suit right now. Instead, he wore a workers uniform that covered his entire body with the exception of his hands and head. Gloves and a wrap fixed that. Didn't want these 'crewmembers' getting the wrong idea of his tattoos.

"The runes seem to have self-preservation powers," Simon told the navigator while watching the night sky pass. It was nice being on deck at night. "The only issue is the minor parts like clamps, bolts, and piping. Those have nearly rusted to scrap. Harmen's Flame, we need a good place to repair."

Arcebus walked up beside him and nodded. "You're from Everglen, correct?"

Simon nodded. "I am, indeed." He would be more polite, but he was tired. Not to mention he had spent an hour chasing Sparrow out of the engine room. Again. 

Arcebus didn't mention anything else on the subject and instead bid Simon a good night. Well, that was all good and well. Simon needed to practice. With the exception of Davrou, Simon knew all of the crewmembers had now gone to their respective sleeping quarters. Who knew where that docter was... This was an opportunity, though. 

Simon could train tonight. He needed to change into his suit, but then he could work on his bad arm some. Hopefully, there would be more time tomorrow, as well. 

The End

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