Chapter 27Mature

Rayna rushed away from the solar bot remains only to collide with a young girl carrying a basket of roses. The roses scattered about the ground, mingling with the dirt and stone. Rayna regained her composure and helped the girl back to her feet, to see that she was unharmed. Upon Rayna's assistance, the girl began to shout in an angry foreign language.  Rayna backed away from the flower vendor and carried on more carefully through the market. She kept her head low and scanned the crowd for Davrou. 

The market gave way to a joyous union of gypsies, prancing about the street in a peculiar fashion. Shirtless men in bright balloon pants breathed fire, while woman in equally vibrant skirts, and tiny halter tops, wore bright jewels pierced into their flesh. 
Rayna stared bewildeted, as the scene of unfolded around her. vendors sold candy, and peanuts, while painted girls took to dancing provocatively on a wooden stage, propped up against an old building. 

Rayna jolted and covered  her ears at the alarming carousel music. Her talons flexed out of her gloves instinctively. She surveyed her surroundings, once she saw that there was no real threat amidst the crowd, she slowly retracted him. Annoyed by the gypsies, she glared heatedly to keep them out of proximity. 

Turning away from the dancers, she noticed that the other side of the market was set up with a row of open wooden cells that contained bottles and large rings, targets and darts, baseballs and milk crates, and so forth. Gypsie men stood behind wooden counters, shouting  in urgent voices. "Two coins, and you're guaranteed a win."  Or, "A winner every time !"

She ignored the gypsies as they continued  to solicitate her.  What captured her attention, was an intricate display of prisms across the lot. A rainbow of colors bounced off of the mirror and glass parts. She tilted her head as she studied the illusion. She was so taken with the beautiful display of light the  prisms were creating, that she nearly tripped on a slumped over bum. She knelt down to apologize. Upon recognizing the familiar face, her brows knitted with concern. "Dav. What happened?"

Davrou looked up slowly,ignoring the dull ache of his body. " Nothing in particular." He dragged himself to his feet, feigning ease.

Rayna's heart beat wildly, and her throat throbbed upon seeing the doctor hurt. She clenched her fists as guilt and anger decidedly made a fool out of her.  She reached out to steady him in case he lost his balance."I'm so- sor..." she began, but her pride stopped her short of finishing her sentence. She cleared her throat, and spoke with disdain. " I didn't mean to leave you, the fog made me lose sight of you. Anyway, you were way outnumbered, you should have ran instead of playing hero!"

"Why didn't I think off that?" He muttered sarcastically.

Rayna gave him a curt nod. His sardonic behavior was still intact so he couldn't have been wounded too badly, she figured.

"I'll live." He looked back in the direction of the oracle. " But I'd prefer to head back." He grabbed the packs and began to trudge onward.

Rayna adjusted her hood, and followed him closely in silence. The sudden jarring sound  of a gunshot made her Instinctively reach for him. He froze in his tracks. 

Davrou's hand shot to his dagger at the sound. Surprise took him at Raynas reaction, but his gaze immediately sought out the source of the shot. 

Rayna's eyes danced over the crowd until she found the culprit of the noise for herself. A large  man with smooth dark skin positioned his fingers on the trigger of a pellet gun. He aimed it at the fast moving targets of wooden forest creatures. He squeezed the trigger, and a squirrel shaped board fell over. The gathering crowd around him cheered as he repeated the motion five more times, each shot a victory.

Rayna released Davrou. "Amazing," she whispered.

Davrou's hand eased away from his weapon. " Deathly accurate." he  answered, watching the man shoot away lazily hitting with each shot even as his eye chased a  beauty walking passed him.

Rayna stared at the sharpshooter, admiring his confidence. He continued to nonchalantly shoot his targets, and make a fool out of the carnival worker manning the game. He winked at the small group of women vying for his attention. Then he shot a rabbit cut out, square in the head- using only his peripheral vision. Rayna pictured Orkson's head where the rabbit's had been. She turned towards Davrou. "I need your help."

He arched an eyebrow expectantly.

She took in the sight of him and groaned. "Must you look so needy, and deathly ill?"  

" It wounds me that I cant meet your expectations, my  dear captain." He retorted

Rayna  brushed some dirt off his clothing. "Apparently that's not the only that wounds you. Compose yourself long enough to recruit that man over there and you can spend a whole day tomorrow feeling sorry for yourself." 

"Slave driver," He muttered,  nonetheless, he removed his coat and straightened  his clothes. "Better?" He asked tying his hair back with the black clasp. He retrieved  his usual smirk. " Not a word from you or anyone for all of tomorrow" He affirmed.

Rayna looked up at Davrou's sudden transform.  Her eyes traced over his strong jaw line, up to his stormy eyes, and back down to the sly curve of his mouth. Her throat ran dry and  a disturbing heat crept into her cheeks. She took Davrou's jacket from him. "My lips will be sealed. Cross my heart."

The End

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