Chapter 11Mature

A dream decided to visit him in his watery grave. It was of the pleasant sort, thankfully. Lumen and Serran were seated on the grass in the Castle Green braiding each other's bright red hair. They both had freckles and smooth skin, making them almost twins, despite the two years that separated them. 

Kamen sat in the distance, ever protective of all his siblings. Despite being their brother and having the same red hair, Kamen always acted like he was an outcast. Alway kept his distance. It was no different in this dream. Simon didn't even seem to hate him for his crimes.

Wait, what crimes? Serran and Lumen were sitting in the grass before Simon. His father had left to procure a scribe and complete some paperwork. Mother was in the town shopping for clothing. So, why was there reason to believe Kamen was guilty of some crime. 

Simon smiled at his brother, earning a scowl. That was usual, though. So, Simon looked back to where his sisters had been playing, only to find that they had been missing. Simon stood up in alarm and looked around. Even Kamen was missing! He had to find his siblings!

Simon took a step, but tripped over something. Cursing softly, he stood up and looked at what it was that tripped him. What he saw brought back everything. 




And most of all. Hatred. For Kamen. For his brother that had made him kill his family. Only his mother had been spared. Simon closed his eyes to the three corpses that had tripped him and dropped Grey King, not daring to question how it had found it's way into his hand. 

And then Simon awoke.

"Think he's dead?"

Simon coughed up salty water and opened his eyes to a stinging pain. In an instant, he was rolling over a heaving the ocean's water from his stomach, along with the measly meal the pirates of the Primus had given him. It hurt. Oh Draven's Wrath, but it hurt. 

In fact, his whole body hurt. His arm stung worse than ever with the addition of salt water, the bruises on his body seemed to have intensify in power. Wait, nothing was broken?

"Those are nice swords, Nat..." A rough voice said. 

"Yeah..." The voice Simon assumed to be Nat said. "Maybe he's an invader?"

Simon coughed again and tried to stand, but fell once again to his knees. His eyes were still adjusting, so he could only make out two figures in similar clothing. He needed to tell them he wasn't an invader. 

But he couldn't. He could only blink away the blurriness in his eyes and focus on the two men approaching. Sadly, Simon didn't feel up to even lifting Highbane. But, now was not the time for that. 

Simon shoved himself onto his feet just in time to parry a blurry blow from a hard-to-see longsword and chop his assailant's arm free of his body.

"Terribly sorry," Simon muttered just before falling flat on his face.

Well, it wasn't the best way to go, but Simon had rode a burning Airship into the sea. That was something, right?

Simon saw - through teary eyes - a figure in an iron mask fighting the remaining soldier. That was pretty cool. Lumen and Serran might not believe it when he told them... 

Darkness tried to come, but Simon fought hard. 

He managed to push himself to his knees and blink away the last remaining blurriness in his eyes. His body still ached and his bad arm still burned, but he managed to stand up and take a look at his surroundings. 

Two dead men lay bleeding into the sand of the beach Simon had washed up on. The man in the iron mask was nowhere to be found. A few pieces of wood lay near him, probably from the Primus. Well, that would be his next tattoo... 

Simon pulled off the closest's man's cloak and wrapped it around himself. He checked the pockets of the men and pulled all the money he found as well. Then, as fast as his battered body would allow, Simon drug the two bodies and detached arm out to sea and let them float away. Luckily enough, the tide was going out. Well, he had used up his bad luck, maybe today would be good from now on?

And who was that warrior in the iron mask? 

Simon shook his head and hid Highbane beneath his cloak. The city ahead would be perfect for a nice suit and maybe another pocket watch. He had lost his weeks ago. Then... He could find that warrior and repay his debt. His father would scold him if he did not. 

The End

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