Chapter 10Mature

Simon gripped his arm tightly, trying to get the piece of cloth he had procured around the bleeding limb and tie it tightly. Usually not a hard task, but it was made difficult with the men shooting at him. Luckily, Simon had a perfect spot to hide in and none of the men dared grow near, lest they burn to death.

The pain flared as Simon finally managed to tie the knot and pull it tight. Luckily the bullet had grazed past, so his arm still worked and all. It just hurt like Harmen's Flame. He had to think about how he would escape this situation, though. Simon was a decent shot - even once told he could become a showman - but he wasn't as trained in combat shooting as he would have liked. If only he had a sword...

"Halt fire, men!" That would be the Primus' captain. Simon had never heard his name once, despite being here for three weeks. "He is waiting out our ammo! Move forward with swords! Leave the guns behind as well!"

Those orders were that of a man who cared not for his men. Surely he had been informed that Simon had his Steam Ball? But... this would be the most effective way to lure Simon out from hiding and shoot him with the men he was obviously holding back. Simon wasn't born just the year before. He had learned how these men think. 

So, Simon did the unexpected. He set the Steam Ball on full blast and hit the flint. The flames burst into life causing a few startled noises from around the corner of Simon's hiding spot. Then, without warning, Simon threw the device around the corner and toward the men. A few metal sounds told Simon the device had flown a long ways. With how these men had starved him and given him little sleep, Simon was amazed he still had the strength.

A rumbling in his stomach and groaning in his head reminded Simon to focus on the battle instead.

A rumbling laughter erupted from the captain. "Well, look at that boys!" He stepped a few paces from the sounds. Or, Simon hoped it was him. Five seconds left. "The Glenman bastard threw us his toy! Even left it on! Maybe he wants to be cooked?"

Three seconds. 

"Aye, Captain Drek," a pirate replied, "Guess we outta-"

A hug explosion shook the Primus and sent flames around the corner towards Simon. In preparation, he had moved back, but it wasn't far enough. His wounded arm caught some of the burning flames heat and nearly singed his bandage off! Johan's Glory, it burned! 

Simon stood as soon as the explosion dispersed. He didn't bother going to count the bodies. He had decided on a tattoo for the entire crew once he lost count on the fourth level of the Primus. Now he only needed to get to the Armory and retrieve his two swords. 

He rushed out of his hiding spot and headed in the opposite direction of the now-burning wooden deck of the Primus. That would trouble Simon later, but right now he simply needed to escape. He hoped no more men would come his way. Or if they would they would bring a nice sword. He would love an honorable fight for once! Damn pistols.

It took all of five minutes to find the armory. It was actually labelled! Well... It's not like many people could escape these men. Simon had to give them that much credit. He wasn't without respect after all. 

Once inside, Simon began to dig through the massive room full of gunpowder, swords, and many other forms of weaponry. And, for some odd reason, a sack of potatoes. Simon had no idea why they were there, but he didn't bother wasting time thinking about it. He needed his swords!

Highbane was the first to be found. It's massive gleaming blade was sticking out from a corner where the men had thrown it carelessly. Simon tried not to show his rage when he grabbed it with his good arm and saw the dents on the sword's edge. Well, he could fix this much. The blade was plain, but it had an internal engine that released smoke. That trick had let Simon kill a mechanical golem, tis the name Highbane.

His other blade, Kingslayer, was of thinner design. It was still a greatsword, but it was made of a metal sacred to Simon's lost home of Everglen, so it would not break or dull easily. Just touching the blade pained Simon, for it had once had another name. Grey King.

A tremor took the Primus at that moment and knocked Simon to the floor. Loket's honor, he was weak. But, he had to ignore that! Simon climbed to his feet and found a rough leather sword strap made to go under clothing. As he only wore a pair of trousers and boots, Simon didn't bother making it work that way. He simply strapped it on with his good arm and sheathed Kingslayer in place. Highbane was kept out. 

Simon ran out of the armory just in time to meet two pirates - one tall and the other average with a sword - whom he dispatched with relative ease. Even hungry, tired, and wounded, Simon was more than a match for these thugs. They knew he was from Everglen, so why not realize he must be talented with a sword?

Another tremor shook the airship, so Simon ran out on the deck and killed two men he foud trying to put out the growing flames. The captain and his men's bodies still lay there, but they had now been reduced to being black husks. That, for some reason, made Simon sick.

He shook his disgust away and bent over the railing of the massive burning ship. Below he saw a city he was unfamiliar with and waters growing all too close. Before the Primus hit, Simon noticed the massive steel-like buildings and tiers of houses. Was this that place the crew had been talking about? Valhalla?

Of course, darkness and water consumed Simon before he could think more on the subject.

The End

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