Chapter EightMature

Katrina looked around at the five muscular thugs around her. She couldn’t believe her dumb luck. Out of all the days that she went out with a light guard, she gets kidnapped. And not just by any run of the mill thugs either. This was the Roux Hex, which was made of all former elite soldiers turned criminal. They had attacked her carriage, killed the two guards and all but one of the servants. The servant, after losing an arm, was sent back with the ransom request to her father, Lord Delorn. She was roughly hauled back to their base, hidden in the heart of the Scrap Forest, a labyrinth of near-ancient discarded airship parts and thick trees, which had contorted their bodies around the antiquated debris. Bound and gagged, she watched helplessly as the men stood around laughing, waiting for their sixth member to come back with the advance on the ransom.

“Can’t wait to get the money for this bitch,” said one of the Hex, a wiry girl and said group’s only female member. “We’re going to be loaded after this.” The bald man beside her nodded and chuckled maliciously.

“Too bad we can’t ‘ave a little fun with ‘er before then. Been a while since I ‘ad meself a nice virgin cunt.” He leered at the girl lasciviously.

“Bet it would be nice and tight,” another one said, a big burly fellow. “I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“Well what’s stopping us then?” the fourth thug said in a low rumbling bass. “It’s not like Delorn’s gonna know what we did to his daughter before we returned her. At least not before we can get away. I really wanna make her scream.” He giggled at the thought, a laugh that from anyone else would sound ridiculous. However, with the vicious serrated long sword in his hands swinging wildly, it was downright terrifying.

“Calm down, Derang,” the last member and leader of the Hex said. “If we mess her up too bad, we’re not getting the rest of the ransom.” He looked over at their captive. “However, she is our guest, and we would be remiss if we didn’t show her some of our famous hospitality.” He smiled cruelly at Katrina, causing an involuntary shiver to run down her spine.

“You all are a bunch of horny bastards,” the female said.

“Don’t say that Lillain,” Derang said with another gruesome giggle. “You’re the one that always gets into it the most in the end whenever we have guests over.” Lillaina huffed and turned away.

“Whatever,” she said dismissively.

“So can we ‘ave a round with ‘er or not?” the second thug said impatiently.

“I don’t see why not,” the leader said. “Just don’t leave any lasting marks on her. I would hate to ruin such a voluptuous specimen like her.”

“I’ll say. Man she is a smokin’ babe!” a new voice said from behind the group. Everyone turned to face the newcomer. He was tall, dark-skinned man, with a thick crimson flak jacket and leather pants. He had a long red mane of hair that he had braided and tied in a ponytail that flowed down just past his shoulders. Attached to each pant leg was a holster for a dark blue revolver, one of which was in his left hand. His bright green eyes surveyed the shocked faces of the Roux Hex with a hint of amusement. “What? I’m just agreeing with you?”

“‘Oo the ‘ell are you?” the bald Hex member demanded.

“Who me?” the stranger asked in surprise. “I’m just a simple sellsword, hired help, marksman for mo-”

“Will you just shut up?” Lillian snapped. “How’d you even find this place? Nobody knows where our hideout is.”

“Well I was strolling through the forest when I ran into this short man carrying a sack of money. Naturally I was curious to see where he was going so I asked him. When he answered me rather rudely, insulting my mother, I had to persuade him to tell me his destination. He quickly apologized after I was done. He even gave me the sack of money he had.” He held up a large bulging bag of gold pieces.

'That must of been Smei with the ransom advance,' the leader thought to himself. 'But he would never just give up the money and betray us like that.' He stepped forward. "So what do you want with us? We're a little busy right now, so if you could just leave that money and go away. We won't have to hurt you."

The mercenary chuckled. "It seems we have a problem then. You see, I've been employed by the father of this hot babe to find and escort her home." A glint of danger flashed across his eyes. "Now, are you all going to save everyone here a lot of trouble and let me do that?"

"Over our dead bodies!" The burly bandit exclaimed drawing his knifes. "Now leave the money and scram." The other members of the Hex armed themselves as well. The mercenary started laughing uproarously at his.

"What's so funny?" Derang demanded, for once sounding perfectly serious. The mercenary managed to calm himself down.

"It's just that the short guy who told me about this place said exactly the same thing when I asked at first. Of course he was a lot more co-operative after I shot his balls off." The gunman whipped out both of his revolvers in an instant. "Now if you guys insist on being difficult about this..." He pulled the triggers and sent two small high-speed bursts of fire at the bald thug's legs. They slammed into his knees-caps and exploded, instantly causing third degree burns and crippling him. The man roared out in pain and fell to the ground. The other Roux Hex members looked back at the mercenary, whose face was lit up in a grin somehow screamed all-business. "I guess I have to be difficult as well. By the way, I never did give my name. It's Lee, Lee Shavanza. Now let's get this party started already."

The End

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