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Chapter Fourteen

      ‘I didn’t even know I owned this many clothes!’ Kahlan thought begrudgingly as she tore her closet apart. Her room looked like it had been struck by a full force nor’easter. Every article of clothing she owned, including most of her shoes cover every possible square inch of the floor and surface area of Kahlan’s bed. It wasn’t until Kahlan had tossed out her last article of clothing and let out a grunt of frustration that she heard the snickering behind her and realized that she had an audience. 

Kahlan turned around and saw her three sisters along with T.D. standing there chuckling at the sight of her. Kahlan heaved a sigh of defeat and looked at the girls with a face that said ‘for the love of God, please help me: I have no idea what I’m doing’. Sympathetically, both Laila and Aria set to work, sifting through the mounds of discarded material. Both unfortunately, as Kahlan knew they would, had extremely opposite ideas on how their little sister should be dressing for a first date. Thankfully Kahlan knew she had T.D. and Arella to act as mediators between the two.

“What about this? Oh! With these!” Laila passed Kahlan an armful of clothes with a pair of heels. “Go try it on.” She pressed and shoved Kahlan towards her walk-in closet.

“Are these even my clothes?” Kahlan poked her head around the corner. She stepped in to view of the other four girls, barely able to stand on the heels Laila had given her. Her sister had dressed her in a low cut red halter dress that Kahlan knew hadn’t originally come from her closet. The material barely reached mid thigh with a plunging v-neck that left Kahlan feeling way too exposed for her liking. The shoes Laila had given her were a pair of black satin pumps that Kahlan could barely walk in due to the 5’ inch stiletto heel. 

“Oh my God! You look fantastic!” Laila exclaimed as she examined Kahlan.

T.D. tried to cover Arella’s eyes, but she wasn’t having that and kept moving her head around so that T.D eventually gave up. “Dear God…” She murmured to herself.

Aria walked over to Kahlan and Laila, looked at Kahlan for a moment and then quickly gave Laila a swift head slap on the back of her head. “Are you joking!? You want to dress our little sister up like a street walker?!” Aria spluttered.

“She looks great.” Laila argued. “She has the body for the outfit.” She insisted. “She just needs a little practice in those shoes.”

“Here Kay, go change out of that and put this on.” Aria handed Kahlan what she had picked out for her sister. As Kahlan returned back in to her closet to try on the second outfit Aria turned to Laila and shook her head, “Honestly you…she’s a lady.”

Kahlan emerged from the closet wearing the more modest outfit Aria had picked out.  Aria had picked out a knee length blue skirt with a skinny brown belt paired with a three quarter sleeve polka dot shirt; the neckline was a simple scoop that ended a few inches above Kahlan’s breasts. The shoes Aria had paired with the outfit were a pair of simple black ballet flats, which Kahlan found far easier to walk in than Laila’s heels.  Aria smiled had her outfit, but Laila looked almost disgusted.

“Are you kidding me?  She looks like she’s fifteen not twenty-one.  You can’t cover her up she’s got to show a little leg.” Laila said as she winked in Kahlan’s direction.

Aria rolled her eyes again, “I think you look great Kay you don’t want to show him everything at once you’ve got to show him just enough so that he comes back for more.”

“She’s not showing anything except her calves and her arms, oooooh that’s so sexy.” Laila’s voice was laced with sarcasm.

T.D. stood up and decided it was time to intervene. “Alright, so let’s all just agree we need to find some nice middle ground here.” She looked at Aria. “Something classy…” She looked to Laila. “but something that’s going to drive that boy up a wall when he sees her.”

Kahlan silently thanked God that she had had the good sense to let T.D. come over. Swinging her legs over the side of Kahlan’s bed Arella asked, “What about that dress you wore to Aria’s wedding reception?”

Laila snapped her fingers. “Rellie you’re a genius! Why didn’t we even think about that?”

“I think that one’s actually in my closet.” Aria noted, scanning her sister’s floor for the outfit in question. “Kay, come with me.”

When the two returned, the other girls stared at Kahlan in surprise and awe. The dress Arella had mentioned was a lovely deep blue mini dress that didn’t completely show everything. The neckline was a v-neck that also had a collar to it and all along the neckline and on the ends of the sleeves was beautiful silver beading that accented the dress and made Kahlan’s eyes shimmer.  It was beautiful and Kahlan looked great in it.  The shoes that Laila grabbed were not quite as tall as Laila would have liked, only an inch and a half so tall, but they worked with the dress.

The three older girls sat Kahlan down in front of her vanity and started working on Phase Two. Kahlan felt the teeth of the comb trail their way across her scalp as T.D. ran it through her hair while Aria and Laila went to work on her face. Kahlan’s sisters could at least agree on this particular process, both opting for something subtle to make Kahlan’s natural beauty come to life. Kahlan’s eye shadow gave off a smoky look and her dark grey eyeliner brought that out even more along with making her eyes come to life. On her lips was a simple pink lip stick that had just enough color to make her lips noticeable, but other than that there was hardly any make up involved. As for her hair, T.D. had left half up and half down, teasing the ends in to curling just a bit.

It was Sunday, and the Céilí was closed so Brian and Kieran sat alone at the bar with Sports Center on without the usual rowdy crowd surrounding them. It didn’t take much for either brother to look intimidating, and much to Kahlan’s dismay. Kahlan had politely requested Ronan to use the Céilí entrance, since the outer stairs leading to the house level were steep and hard to maneuver in the dark and the last thing she wanted was to go hurtling over the edge of the balcony before the date even got started, especially in heels.

Ronan arrived dressed simply in a nicely pressed black dress shirt, dark jeans and polished black dress shoes. The McDara brothers to sprang in to action, using the fact Kahlan was still upstairs for a few moments longer to their advantage. Brian edged his way in front of Kieran, sticking his hand out to greet Ronan. “Nice to meet you.” He said, purposefully keeping his voice hard and low as he took Ronan’s hand a bit tighter than necessary. “I’m Brian, Kahlan’s big brother.”

“Ronan Pendra.” Ronan winced. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“And I’m Kieran.” Kieran easily made his way around his brother. “Kahlan’s twin brother.” He offered his hand, shaking it much more gently than Brian had. He offered Ronan a chair, a viper-like smile playing across his lips. “Kay’s upstairs still, you know girls and how long it takes them to get ready. So…where are you planning on taking my sister tonight?”

“My father has a small little bistro in the North End, I thought Kahlan might like it.” Ronan was trying his hardest not to start sweating.

“Oh yeah, she’d like that.” Brian cracked his knuckles. “Our sister you know, she’s a classy little lady.” He circled the barstool Ronan was sitting on. “And we, as her concerned big brothers…well we’d like to make sure she’s treated as such.”

Like a hawk, Kieran began to circle as well. “Let’s get one thing perfectly clear Mr. Pendra if you touch even a single hair on my sister’s head in any way that strays below her waist or above her stomach, well…” Kieran chuckled, “let’s just say Brian and I will buy you a shot of whiskey. Get it?”

“Yes.” Ronan squeaked.


The brothers moved away right as Kahlan made her way downstairs. Setting his eyes on for the first time that night, Ronan couldn’t help but smile even if he could feel the brothers’ glares burning in to the back of his neck. He stood and greeted her halfway. “You look beautiful.” Ronan told her.

Kahlan blushed. “Thank you.” She then turned her gaze on to her brothers and fixed them both with a haughty glare. “I hope my brother’s have been good hosts while you were waiting.”

“Oh yes, of course.” Ronan lied. “Shall we?” He offered Kahlan his arm, holding the door open for her like a true gentleman. “It was nice to meet you both.”

Brian and Kieran nodded. The two disappeared out the door and Kieran looked to his brother. “Hate to say it, but I kind of like him.”

“We’ll see.” Brian muttered and headed back upstairs.

Kieran chuckled. “Aye, we will.”


The End

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